Double me up some 'Riders

There is a story from the Ottawa Citizen on the Ti-Cats homepage about the return on the name “Rough Riders” if the Glieberman’s get the team back, along with fans in Ottawa giving the o.k… Plus the league would have to give it the thumbs up too. So fans of the league, would you welcome back a 2 'Rider league?

I wouldn’t welcome back a second Roughrider name as I think Sask has earned that name by consistently putting a football team on the field. But then Ottawa has the historical dibs on the name, and maybe in the desperation to save the Ottawa franchise they will allow them to reclaim it. Do you suppose by re-naming the team, they will recapture their fan base? Only winning will do that.

Having 1 Rider team is nice. A lot less confusing. Hopefully the league gives it the thumbs down. How about Ottawa Roughhouse? Roughnecks? Ottawa Raiders? Ottawa Rough Raiders? Ottawa Reneraiders? Renegraiders? Ottawa Capitals? Ottawa Crushers? Anything but Rough Riders.

Hey maybe Ottawa could reurrect some past name like Insurgents ( the Ottawa team that never played a game) or Trojans ( cause they will be play’n it safe in 2005). Seriously though, Rougherriders is not an option, but with the shady Gliebermans back in the wacky mix, you never know what closed room promises can be made.

If Wright allows two teams to wear the same name, I too will change my mind on him…

Let them be called whatever the hell they want!? They own 'em, it’s thier call. And Vogue, if you’re “confused” about two Roughriders/Rough Riders teams in a nine team league then my man, you have some isues.

I hope they stick with being the Renegades. What is a roughrider anyways?

A roughrider is someone who constantly falls short of the mark, but always gets up to try again. A roughrider is someone who drinks $3 whine and hits on girls at a family reunion. A roughrider is someone who has no knowledge of what makes a good football team, thats why they’re a roughrider.

HOLY CRAP! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever read on here!!!

Awesome EE!!!

please tell me you were being sarcastic because that wasnt funny at all.
But i will give you and E for effort.

I would like to see them bring back the old name
To me the CFL will always be 9 teams with 2 Rough Riders

…EE…? that the cup size of your manzere?..

" if you’re “confused” about two Roughriders/Rough Riders teams in a nine team league then my man, you have some isues.
Eske-Moses you took the words right out of my mouth. For the record, the Ottawa Rough Riders have their place in CFL history every bit as much as the Green Riders of Saskatchewan. As far as the names themselves, we have covered this topic before in the old huddle. Both teams names are very different in origin and meaning. That’s a historical fact. I for one look forward to another Grey Cup with the Eastern Riders vs the Western Riders. They have had some dandies in the past. RR…Yes.

EE that was hilarious. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

it won’t happen.

i like it EE, and i like how it brings out the rider fans.