Double Header Sept 13

Double Header on the Saturday, kind of. SFU vs U of S Huskies at noon and then The Defending Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders play the BC Lions at 7. All at BC Place
You can tickets for both games for $30.

I have already got tickets for the Lions Riders Game. Can't wait. I might have a harder time convincing my not so football fan friends to come to the SFU U of S game, but if you are a football fan this would be a great day.

Great for bringing the Kids too, as this is ridiculously cheap.

Well Billy Soup, if the Huskies Cheer Team was going to be at the game I would certainly attend. (My daughter is on the team ... although she proudly hangs her Geroy Simon autographed jersey in her room at U of S.. :lol: beside her lions flag.)

I think it will be a good game...

They should expel her for defacing her room like that :wink:.

Watch out Billy....SFU is on a one game winning streak! :wink: :wink: First time in three years! :thup:

I read that. And they are doing it with a an Austrian QB and Reciever?? Didn't know they played football in Austria

Hey Billy Soup... I am going to bring her a case of that new Lions Lager when it goes on sale so that she can stock her fridge and serve it to her Sask. friends while they watch the game on Sept 13th. :thup: ... I understand Wiser did a whiskey for the Riders Victory last year... a one time limited edition!!! Is it 20 year old whiskey to match the last time they won... hope they are starting to age the next batch .. could even be older than 20 years for the next "limited edition"

hahaha. They did Make a commerative edition of Wisers. It was Wisers Reserve and it was delicious. I still have a bottle of it and am saving it for the next Grey Cup Win (hopefully it is not too long).
If she is here in Sask for long LeoFan, you should do yourself a big favour and come visit her and then drive down to Regina for a game. You will have a great time.

Billy Soup... you bet I would love to go to a game at Mosaic Field.. does not even have to be a lions game. She is trying to get to the one in Sept, it is sold out but she is trying to use a connection she has with the Riders Cheerleaders. I travel quite a bit to Saskatchewan, and think the people are great.. a lot of the other parts of the country could learn from them.