Double Debacle

It is starting to look like Don Mathews isn't waiting until the off season to blow this team up.
Cody Pickett needs the playing time, but its not like we're out of the playoff race. Kerry Joseph could have made a game of it IMO if he had been put in there with the orders to roll out a lot and run it himself at least half a dozen times.
This a team that should have been in the GC last year, and now they're looking like the worst team in the league.

I thought it was obvious at last year's end that O'Shea, Fletcher, Winters and St. John were done.
Riall Johnson, Orlondo Steinauer, Kenny Wheaton, Jonathan Brown, Jerome Davis, Chad Folk, Jeff Johnson and Chris Hardy probably had another year left in the tank but replacements should have been brought in for next year.

Riall Johnson and Jonathan Brown have been slowed by injuries and still may be able to do the job if they can get healthy. Harriett showed me some promise at DE and could be a keeper.
Hunter and Poole did alright for their first CFL game, but they need to get better. Middlebrooks has been average as a replacement for Younger. Heatley and Shivers are still learning and are questional if they are good enough.
Eiben and Pile are not making the tackles this year they have in the past. Eiben's knee may still be bothering him, Pile just isn't the same player he was last year IMO.

Offensively, this team has struggled for years. But the loss of Mike Pearson and Glen January hurt the O-Line and things have gone south from there.
Bethal Johnson looked good in pre-season with Bishop throwing him bombs, but has been average and injured since. Arland Bruce best days are probably behind him but he could still be successful if the defenses couldn't double team him.
Jamal Robertson might look ok behind a good run blocking O-Line but I'm not so sure. He wasn't worth a top draft pick IMO.

So IMO Don Mathews has decided that with the eight games he had left, the first few would be breaking in some new faces. Then try and hold off Winnipeg for second place.
I wasn't exactly sold on Cody Pickett, looks like a good back up QB to me. Don't think he will ever be a Ricky Ray type QB. Don't see the consistant accuracy in his passes. But he may get the job done with some more experience.
But if the Argos are going to make the playoffs this year Kerry Joseph will have to be the guy.

Right now I think Don Mathews is thinking this job is going to be quite a challenge.
The Argos have been just plain over matched to often this season.

Well said. Great analysis. I just think that Joseph should be the one playing out the season. Picket hasn't even shown his stuff as a back-up. I just don't understand why and how some of the decisions are made. It is great to see what he has, but I can't see why playing a bit of the the last quarter of a game makes you a starting quarterback.

Good posts.

They're hard to watch right now aren't they? Cripes...

Hey guys I thought Pickett for his first game showed some promise. He has a great throw as good visible view down field. I think the big problem last night is the offensive line could not block a bunch of 80 year old grandmas on a $1.49 days at super drug mart for prune juice. Seriously your defnse was on thefield way to much. The receivers fumbles away this game but to tell you look at the stats Cody could be a keeper. I as a Calgary fan was hoping for Joseph. My reason is he could not put fear in abunch of guard dog miniture poodles.
But really the Oline failed badly, the recievers caught balls but were accomodating to give it to stamp defenders and that is it in a nut shell.

As much as I love seeing the Argos get bombed...I agree with you on this one.

As great of a coach Matthews' is, he has a hard head at times. Very hard head.

At this point, I think Toronto has a divided locker room. I honestly don't think a lot of the guys support Joseph on the team. Which is pretty sad, because Joseph is a competitor, and goes out and tries hard every game.

I wholeheartedly agree. It's really terrible what has happened to him.

I posted earlier in the year that I thought they were concerned about Bishop still. But that that concern had shifted from his talent to more of a concern of Bishop being healthy. Clearly, they were a tale of two teams last year... I figured that they wanted a strong 1-2 combo and it just happened a big fish was available.

They certainly are in a tailspin.

IMO many of the players and management were turned off by Joseph's sulking when Stubler played Bishop.
(Bishop wasn't much better when Joseph played). :slight_smile:
Enter Don Mathews, who isn't know for coddling players, and you just know Joseph was going to get an attitude adjustment. Mathews is a players coach (they say) as long as the players put out and keep their nose clean.
I don't see a happy future for Joseph in Toronto under The Don, and in the mean time he's about to be humbled and he's going to like it if he wants to collect his salary for the rest of the year.

This year is a write-off, Argos fans. I hate to be the one to say it, but it's true. As long as Buratto and Reed are on the sidelines, nothing is going to change. Toronto's offense went into the tank after they fired Austin.

Buratto has not shown the ability to structure an offense according to the strengths of the quarterbacks on his roster. He had Joseph and Bishop, two mobile scramblers, and made them be pocket-passers, to the detriment of their performance and the team's record. His offenses are staid, predictable, and obsolete.

Reed? Who exactly thought he'd be able to run Stubler's match defense? Reed is a mediocre D coordinator on his best day and needs players in their physical prime to make up his coaching deficit. He was mediocre gusting down to abysmal as D.C. in Hamilton and he obviously hasn't improved.

Finally, there's management. What a complete mess. The 2008 Argo season should be an instructional video on How Not To Run a CFL Franchise. Unnecessarily giving up assets to acquire Kerry Joseph when quarterback was not an area of concern for the team, while overlooking areas that WERE of concern (secondary, O-line, linebackers). Not being able to see that many vets on the team were well past their due date. Alienating player after player (Prefontaine, Younger, Carter, Bishop, now Joseph). In general, making changes that weren't necessary while not making changes that were necessary.

The Don is going to have his hands full this offseason trying to whip this team into shape, and even then, he won't succeed unless Rita stops smoking crack and Buratto and Reed are shown the door.

I can definitely agree with this. The sad thing for Argos fans is if the Don isn't careful, he could end up giving Toronto's playoff spot to Winnipeg. I think it's already pretty clear that a Western team is going to cross over. B.C. and Edmonton already have 3 games on T.O. and Winnipeg with only 6 games left in the season. This isn;t the time to start gambling.

Well I am looking at KJ's future and to tell ya he is going the same route Nealon Greene went a career back up from here on in. I aee Casey Printers in double blue!

I can see the Argos not winning another game this season. Especially if they keep playing the kid Pickett...if they just want to get him playing time for the future there is going to be more growing pains.
However, IMO if they want a shot at the last playoff spot Joseph has got to play and run the ball a lot. With Dorsey gone for a month they've lost their one big offensive threat. Bethel Johnson and Arland Bruce are not producing like they should.
No running attack to speak of and nothing I see on the roster will it ever get any better unless this kid Da'Shaun Thomas can come in a light it up.

It's hard to see a defense that was the best in the league last year go to be the worst so fast. I like the defensive line they have now with Brown, R. Johnson and Harriott rotating at DE, with Curry and Belli at DT (if that dummy Belli would stop taking stupid penalties). The LB's have really dropped off especially in their tackling and speed. Winters is gone, O'Shea is gamely hanging on, Fletcher seems to be done and Eiben is a puzzle. He seems to be getting to the ball carriers but can't seem to wrap them up, maybe he has some shoulder or arm problems. He has proved in the past to be one of the leading tacklers in the league, go figure.
The deep backs of Middlebrooks, Hunter, Wheaton, Heatley and Parker. Aren't as good as a unit as the 5 that ended the 2007 season Younger, Wheaton, Steinauer, Carter and Parker. But the changes were made and now there will be some growing pains.
If wew had anybody but Don Mathews coaching it would look hopeless, but he has proved in the past that he knows how to put a winning team together.

Actually Pickett is the more accurate passer between the two. He has to learn that CFL qb's need to run he did in this game. The receivers are just plain done. Bethel Johnson can not catch because of the embalance he has from having a swelled head thinking he should be still playing in that league south of the border. Talbot is a go to guy and should be used more. But seriously last night he was the only go to guy. It was either the TO receivers do not exist or the Calgary defense is that good. I would sooner say that the receiving core su-cks. By the way the oline which I was critical of last week came to play this week they did not a bad job other then the odd stunt calgary threw at them. TO is a funny team each week various part of the team play well and the others take the night off. They have to get all facets of the game playing all in one night. Send Bethel back south he is done the guy is a joke.

Over all the ARgos are not as bad as people think they all need to just come and play a game of football at the same time. I still believe they will put their game together changing coaches at the time they did was really not a smart move. To bad I like this Argo team with Pickett at qb.

You are correct RW2005 that Pickett is a more accurate passer then Joseph. However with little or no running attack they are a one dimension team. Joseph has the ability to at least keep the defenses honest with his running, except he seemed to lose his appetite for that most of this year.
IMO two things that would go a long way to making the Argos a winning team again would be 1) a two set backfield with a big 240 lb running back like Cookie Gilchrest who could run over these small LB's we see now as well as block for Robertson, Dorsey, or Durie. What they're doing now isn't working.
2) a middle linebacker with the size and speed to go sideline to sideline and put some fear into opposing running backs.
Of course they can't seem to find these type of guys anymore, apparently, or maybe it too much tunnel vision.

Ya your right double blue with out a running attack Pickett is in trouble. But Joseph is not a good QB period. Put him in as a running back LOL.