Double D

Dahrran Diedrick looked great yesterday!

I've always liked him. He is tough to take down, and shows great moves in the open field. Granted, he had huge holes, but it's comforting to know if Avon goes down, we can still get the job done on the ground with DD and Imoh. Even though Imoh is injured, if he was healthy, right now, I'd have Diedrick as number 2.

If Imoh is healthy, he should starts. Nothing against Dierdrick -- he looked very good in injury relief yesterday -- but Imoh fits our schemes better because he's similar to Cobourne in size, speed, and skill set.

I liked D Diedrick in his back up role. While I was observing him I also noted the huge role the offensive line was playing in opening up huge holes for DD to scamper . In addition the offensive line gave Calvillo had plenty of time to throw. He usually zips his passed very quickly but, yesterday he had more than enough time to pass against the weak defensive group that is Hamilton.

In addition I thought Calvillo was very effective with play action. He completely fooled the defensive opponents into running right while he scored his TD around the left side of the field. Calvillo and, the offensive line deserve to be rated as the most improved players in the CFL this yer.