Dose any one notice this

Look at our Logo above this post

No were dose it Say Hamilton Tigercats Football
Check most of Items don't even talk about the city as part of the Name anymore
This cause Bob wants this to be a Regional Brand

Check everything you bought in the Bob Young Era I bet you won't see the Name Hamilton on it..

I think the city and Ticats have out grown each other like Marriage gone bad
there going to be a ugly Divorce.

Maybe it Time to Understand Even after 141 years Time Changes everything

....well maybe they'll Clearance all of the Ticat merchandise that says Hamilton on it ......or maybe they'll have a Parking lot burning in a garbage pail as a tribute the the mayor...........let's see what happens.

Sorry Tom, thats a silly post

Horrible post, every sports team has multiple logos...

It not on as much as think now ..
everything I have just said Ticats Football not Hamilton Tigercats Football

I have a button from the late '60s that looks a lot like the current logo. It has the old tiger, with "TIGERS" and "EAT 'EM RAW" printed at the top and bottom. And I don't think my old cap said anything - just had the logo. (Unfortunately, it fell apart years ago and I haven't had a chance to replace it.)

Actually, what you say could be said about half the league. Look at the logos and merchandise for the Argos, Als and Stamps, and most don't mention the city. Other teams in other sports too. For hockey, I happen to be a Habs fan (sorry, everyone), and i don't think any of the hats or shirts I own mentions Montreal, at least not prominently.

I don't see a conspiracy here at all.

The Logo and brand are meant to speak for themselves, much like the design of a Coke or Pepsi can or the famous golden arches we all know what they represent long before we need to read a label.

The Logo says HAMILTON with out any words, I know I have worn it all over the USA and it has been a great conversation starter about HAMILTON.

City Council should try harder to understand the importance of OUR leaping Tiger. Win or lose it has made me proud for years, no matter where my travels take me.

Cant say I am very proud of my City at the moment though.

neither does the previous logo spinning in your avatar. conspiracy?