Dorvelus and Cobourne; position changes?

I have just been thrown my first "curveball" of the Als training camp. I have followed a few training camps, and usually, when the coach asks a player to change positions (a big change, like from offense to defense), it means that the coach no longer wants the player. The coach can then release the player, and he can admit he gave the player every chance to make the team.
It reminds me of the guy who was listed as a QB by the Als for 2 years, and then he tried his hand at being a wide receiver at last year's camp (Robison?). He was cut in the first week.
Ok, maybe it is not really a curveball...

I was just really surprised that Avon Cobourne was asked to become a linebacker and Patrick Dorvelus a corner!
Are the Als that secure at RB (Edwards is a lock, he is the man), that they trust Jarrett Payton and the guy from Concordia (Hamilton?).

But, it is the news about Dorvelus that really surprises me. He is now training to be Davis Sanchez's replacement at CB. I appreciate Patrick Dorvelus. He is a team player, he is from Québec and speaks french. I would like nothing more than to see him be a starter and thrive in the CFL.

But, he apparently could not cut it at LB, was shown up by Karickari 2 years ago (they both competed for the safety postion 2 years ago, and Karickari won the job...)

And now, the Als want him to be a corner? CB is the most athletic position on the field and only the fastest guys can play CB. RDS also showed 3 clips of Dorvelus running alongside Davis (Chris), and the 3 times Davis outran him and hauled in the pass... I know the media can be cruel and can down a player if they don't like him.

I can't believe the media (especially RDS and the Québec media) do not like Dorvelus (I think they like him a lot...).

I think it is bad news for Dorvelus and Cobourne. What do you guys think?

I'm ashamed to say I haven't followed the Als' roster this year but maybe they are just shuffling things around flesh out their backups in case of injuries. They must have some faith that they can do job in a pinch at least.

The cap has really forced some odd changes and I think that will continue well into the season till positions are solidified.

Well Indydan, I see it this way.

Coborne isn't going to make the team as a running back; he was singularly unimpressive there when he got the chance last year. I can't see him making it at LB either, we've got more than enough depth there, so I think we can safely assume he'll be gone.

Dorvelus won't be first string at corner (not ahead of Sanchez and Estelle); if he sticks it'll be because of his special teams work.

The QB you are referring to who was switched to WR was Ell Roberson.

Thank you Madjack! You are right, it was Ell Roberson. I also agree with you on Avon Cobourne. Does it mean that our RBs (Edwards, Payton, Hamilton) are that good?

The Als also picked up a guy, Perry. He played in the NFL with the Eagles, and apparently he has what it takes to play in the NFL, only thing is that he is injury prone.

He is a fast guy, and a proven kick returner. He is the 4th all-time leading rusher in his college. Apparently, the CFL is his type of game and he loves the fast pace up here, and enjoys the stress free up here in Canada.

Unfortunately, he is injury prone though.