Any word on how Dominique Dorsey is making out so far? The Argos really could use his return game right now.

Heard on the radio this morning that he is sitting more...has competion for job.
Another source; Adam Rita visited with him in the begining of August. ... id=1860126
It would be great to have him back. :smiley:

He is good that`s for sure! Hey Boxer girl, does that mean boxers and no panties? :smiley:

Kellyfanatic; I don't think my dog who is a boxer wears either. :wink:
But stick to the topic please, I am sure you don't ask the male registrants what they wear.

Yah he dose, but in PM'S. Heh

Heard on the Fan that he may have been cut today. I'm sure there's still plenty of interest in the U.S.

It's definite he has been cut.

It'll be interesting if he dons the double blue again, no question he would add a lot to the return game.

Just read on Slam Sports that Dorsey is back with the Argos. This should help the return game out and give the offense a shorter field to work with.

Huge for the Argos as they are slowly building a good offensive team with PK SAM, Lucas and now Dorsey, when Talbot comes back that will help--

Dorsey might just get over 200 yards easily at the DOME vs BC, who has no speed at all- He should take one to the house for sure-

Argo's should definitely trash BC, their run D is absolutely disgusting.

Wow...what a team we are building....when is Talbot back? I thought it was just a tweaked ankle.

I saw Andre Talbot in an interview last week and he said he still lacks full range of motion.
I'm beginning to wonder if we'll see him play anymore games this season.

That would be a big loss for us.

Is Dorsey still with the Argos? Why did we bring him back, I think I saw him in one game.
Is there any reason why he hasn't been used.

Dorsey is still with the Argos. He was injured a couple of games ago.

He had been nursing an injured ankle. They thought he might have returned
for the Esks game but apparently he’s still not ready.