I have said our gm has made a lot of good trades. Wes Cates. DJ Flick. Wayne Smith. Jamie Boreham. Scott Gordon. Maybe some other trades to.

But trading Dorsey was a bad trade. Maybe when Dressler is healthy not all bad. But Dorsey may be best return man in CFL. Worse than that trade. What the Bombers did. They cut Dorsey. I think they cut him. Does anyone remember? Who did we get in the Bombers trade for Dorsey?

I believe it was Dorsey and Epps in exchange for Wilson, and yes, Dorsey was released by the Bombers, not traded.

Dorsey showed a couple flashes here, but I didn't buy into him much. Obviously neither did Winnipeg. In Toronto, though, he has found a system that works well with him, so he can excel. At the time, it wasn't a horrible trade, imo.

I'd still take Tristan Jackson and Dressler over him, but given how good the Argo's special teams are, he looks like a good fit there.

He didn't fit into our plans, and obviously Winnipeg's either. More of a guy finding a system he works in rather than a real bad trade considering he was going to be released otherwise.

They talked last night on TSN like Dorsey was a former Bomber, he never even played a game with them, they just released him, i was not happy when the Riders released him, but oh well.

We need to remember that a good player may NOT fit into the "Special Teams" philosophy of one team, but will excell in another. Dorsey is a good fit in TO; he wasn't in Winnipeg. Dorsey was ok with the Riders, but wasn't as effective as Corey, or Armstead! Not Dorsey's fault!!

Dorsey was terrible here.

I remember when he used to be running for what appeared to be a sick touchdown return, only to spontaneously drop the ball without being touched.

He always ran real hard on kickoffs, and played hard, just didn't seem to really fit into our system.

Glad he's found another home.

I'd take dressler or jackson over him aswell

I think the Bombers cut Dorsey because they really loved what Albert Johnson III did before he went to the NFL.

The Bombers felt Johnson could duplicate his pre NFL performance, but he never did.

Hindsight is always 20-20. It wasn't a bad thing to do at the time - them's the breaks.