Dorsey vs Thigpen

Is this the game we see Dominic show us why we let Thigpen go? Or will this be the game that re-inforces the belief that Thigpen should have been the keeper?

Dorsey would probably do better if he actually got some blocks.

ya, I couldn't see either guy doing ANYTHING with the way our special teams have been playing these first 4 games.

no blocking and shoddy routes. it doesn't surprise me.

Dorsey was the sure pick coming out of camp.He was a proven returner and good RB.Who knew who Thigpen was until now, honestly?I think Taman made the right decision at the time, and Hamilton is happy with the decision also :lol:

but Thigpen never would have done what he did here in Regina.. because we don't block.


Need blocks. It is as simple as that.

Is it the blocking or the blocking schemes? Is Daley any good as Special Teams coach? Would Thigpen do any better than Dorsey under Daley's tutelage?

We havent had a return TD for quite a while now.

hindsight 20/20

I have never been a big fan of Dorsey even when he was in Toronto. I would have way rather kept Armstead as our returner although he was probably released for personality reasons then anything.

The showdown wasn’t near as interesting as was expected. It was pretty well a saw-off in my opinion but Thigpen’s overall stats were slightly better. Good job by our special teams for their coverage and ability to hold him in check. Johnson was so good at his kickoffs that Hamilton began taking the ball on the 35 instead of letting us kick-off and that gave fewer opportunities for Thigpen to cut one loose. Overall I would say we won the special teams battle this week as our average offensive start was around the 50 compared to the 35 for Hamilton.

Dorsey had his best game by far, and Thigpen really turned a few nothing returns into decent one's.