Dorsey returns to Argos

As reported by TSN...

Excellent news for Toronto, and terrible news for Winnipeg. The race for the third spot in the East just got a little tighter.

Really? I thought it widened.

Did you mean to say "the race for the final playoff spot ..." or are you already giving it to bc for the cross over. ? lol.

After watching Winnipeg's last two games, I guess you could say that... :lol: Toronto now has PK Sam and Dorsey back. Now if they could just stop shooting themselves with stupid penalties...

Awesome! Welcome back Mr. Dorsey!!! :cowboy:

did toronto release payton then?

You mean the son of legendary Bears running back Walter Payton? Last week.

Rod Black feels your pain.

sorry, i was without internet last week. i almost went into withdrawl without cfl forums. it was sad. anyways, i thought he was one of the toronto coaches boys. oh well. i think toronto and hamilton could both make playoffs now. totally oposite of last year. good for the cities. good for the league...

Payton asked for, and was granted, his release last week.

hamilton need another running back? they have like 10 right now.

might as well just give Toronto the Grey Cup. :roll: :cowboy: