Dorsey Cut By Winnipeg!

That suprised me. Where do you think he will end up?

I don't think anyone will pick him up.

Dorsey wasnt the only former Rider cut by the Bombers, Dwan Epps was released as well.

Which means Tillman basically got a Neg. List player for nothing since none of the actual players in the earlier deal stuck on their respected teams.

Seems to be a trend nowadays, doesn't it?

Montreal traded Karikari to Toronto for Stokes. Toronto released Karikari, Montreal released Stokes.

Speaking of the Dorsey trade what happened to Wilson? I know he is with Montreal but did we get anything?


The Bombers released Dorsey b/c there is another RB at camp by the name of Fred Reid that has impressed the coaches. He is Charles Roberts the 2nd. He will be good, he's damn fast.