Dorsey Back With Argos

8) Dominique Dorsey has returned to the Argos, after an unsuccessful tryout with Washington.
  No other NFL teams were interested in him, so he has rejoined Toronto, and is on the practice
  field with them this morning !!

  Suddenly, with just that acquistion, the Argos have become a much more dangerous and better team.

Although Dorsey is very good the Argos problems don't include RB. He could well be an upgrade but the woes run so deep it shouldn't make a significant difference

8) Are you kidding??
 Dorsey will not be used as a RB !!   He is a punt and kickoff return specialist, who was a CFL All Star
 last year at that position.

 He led the league in combined yardage, despite missing 5 games due to injury.

 Dorsey is probably the most dangerous and dominent returner in the CFL !!!

 A definite boost for the Argos down the stretch run  !!

 I wish the Cats had him, or someone half as good, to help our enemic return game .     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Sorry Tipper I can't see one guy helping that mess

You've got to admit they now have a double return threat that will probably help them win a lot of field position battles. Worrying about two great returners will pose a lot of problems for the rest of the League.
Can any body tell me if it looks like Andrus and his staff are starting to learn how to coach Canadian Pro Football? He's beginning to look to me like a good coach picking a little bit up about how to win games.

8) Only problem is, that "mess" has beaten us twice this year !!! :oops: :roll:


It is :oops: There is no excuse for losing against them

With all the yelling ( !!! ) you must be scared of Dorsey.

I don't blame him, with Dorsey and Durie they got something to be scared of.

I don't see Dorsey making THAT much of a difference, sure he'll give them good field position to start more times than not... but it's what you DO with that field position that counts, and I just don't see him leaving them on the 1yard line every time!!

Dorsey is a great kick returner but the Argos' problems go alot deeper than that. Their overall talent level is just not good enough to win consistently. Actually, they remind me of the Cats 2-3 years ago.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Good field position is what it's all about, and the key factor is winning games !!
 He doesn't have to get them to the one yard line every time.  Just get the ball inside the 45-50yd line,
 and Medlock is easily in his field goal range.

 Dorsey will make a difference, make no mistake about that !!

You can't win every game just kicking field goals :roll:
You do have to move the ball and utilize the endzone as well, read my post again... I used the words THAT much of a difference

8) Well, kicking a field goal certainly did the trick last Friday, that's for sure !! :roll: