Dorsey a Rider again

What did they ever do to him? They said they had no interest in bringing him to camp (they didn't), and would not be offering him a contract (they didn't). Yet, they allowed him to work out after practice, using team facilities, to allow himself to train, even if that meant he became attractive to a competitor. They even allowed him a private workout to show where he was physically.

They did not lead him on, nor did they prevent him from pursuing options elsewhere. To me, they went above and beyond in this instance. The fact that he no longer fit into their plans was in no way mistreatment.

I'm trying to figure out if it is the fear of change thing that drives your criticism, or do you simply fall into that fan trap of falling in love with the players, and thinking of them as always at their best, and not as they are at the present.


What, are you a psycologist? Physician heal thyself! Matt took his shot at the NFL like every player dreams of doing. When it didn't work out he returned to Saskatchewan and bought a home with the intention of playing out his career and raising his family here. He became very active in the community and gave many hours of his time to worthy causes. He put it on the line for his team and team-mates and paid the price. So the organization let him use the teams facilities to rehap which is something they could have greatly benefited from as well. I would have liked to see the Riders offer him a job with-in the organization in recognition of everything he did for the team and community. I certainlly don't believe the organization went above and beyond in any way. I recall having one of these exchanges with you on a previous occassion and it went on to the point of being rediculous. Let's agree to disagree and put this one to bed.

Dorsey is way over rated! If the Riders dont sign Cates there nuts, and his best days are not behind him!, he still has it and if plays with the Riders this year and he gets a chance you will see. Can't believe the people here giving up on him :roll:

Here is reality. He does not have the legs he once had, not that he was ever a burner but he is still an outstanding back who can block, catch and pick up the yards. Hugh Charles would be a great compliment to Cates. Reality is that we had a o line put together by duct tape and that didnt help our running game at all.

It is not that I am upset Cates himself isn't back, I am more upset with replacing him with an overrated back that is identical to Charles.

But we are supposed to get excited about Dorsey?

YES! Lets get excited about a back who has never had more rushing td's than fumbles in a season. Lets get excited about this young star who has fumbled double the times he has found the endzone rushing the football.

119 carries, 4 tds and 8 fumbles and those are just fumbles that he lost.

Now, that is reality.

Oh and I am not afraid of change and I don't fall in love with the players.

I either heard or read that Armstead wanted to renegotiate his contract. Isn't that the reason why he was traded to Hamilton for Corey Holmes?

No, that time he went to meet Austin with his father-in-law the day after we gave Edmonton a lickin' and said he was unhappy with how he was being used and that he wanted the ball more. Neither Austin nor ET are real big on that kind of thinking....I think he was traded before he got back home from that meeting.

Honestly I'd like to see Hugh Charles, and Neal Hughes get some time in the RB spot.

Dorsey is a why? - questionable signing
Bates - not so sure why

but at least the riders are doing something.... its some news to mull over