Doping controls for upcoming E-Camp/Combine

To Commissioner Orridge

I saw/heard your update during Grey Cup Telecast on the proposal for a league doping policy currently in the hands of the CFLPA leadership. I think that is great news and hope the players see the need for this and collaborate with your efforts.

However, I don't believe this should prevent the CFL from testing any amateur football player accepting the CFL's invitation to next year's National and regional combines. These athletes are not members of the CFLPA. I believe it would go a long way into rebuilding bridges with the CIS, by honoring their policy regarding student athletes who in most cases are still eligible when participating at e-Camp.


It would be a much needed statement on PEDs.

As far as I know there isn't a credible testing institution that would cooperate with the CFL until they change their lack of a penalty for abuse.
If Orridge could eliminate any player for testing positive from the draft it could get the testing program back on track and would certainly be a huge deterrent to the draft eligible players in the future.

The CFL could partner with the CIS. CFL could/should pay for the tests and the CIS could be the intermediary between the CCES and the players.

Instead of waiting for the CIS to institute a policy where any student athlete that participates in professional league evaluations loses their eligibility. Many of the players aren't drafted and many drafted or not return to play a fifth year.

I think it would be progress and would show the league isn't hiding behind the CFLPA excuse.

I like the idea (a lot) but the draft is likely part of the CBA (that's how leagues make their drafts "legal") so anything impacting the draft would likely also need CFLPA agreement.

The League just saved a bundle on NOT drug testing this year, They should throw the CFLPA a bone and increase the Cap by $200K instead of just $50K for this season or next in exchange for clarity on draft eligible player failed drug tests.
Teams don't have to spend to the Cap if they don't want to.

Can't do that, once you give a candy to a child, you can't take it back. What the league needs to do is get their football operation costs under control and then there will be more money to do other things.