Doors open for Coach Hall

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I read that earlier. It's an interesting article. I suppose this is Richie's time to shine, but I remember reading that season that he was involved in the decision to hire Strasser and make him the OC. If the team continues to come out flat or play inconsistent football (like they did against Toronto), then we'll know Hall isn't the guy. We'll know for sure that he's unable to get the team prepared and motivated.

I agree about losing Stamps. That's a massive blow. Not only is he the leading receiver, but he's definitely one of the leaders on the team. Now we're down to Ricky Ray and Arkee Whitlock. I don't consider Kelly Campbell a leader. If anything, I consider him more of a cancer right now.

Wide Receiver Freddy Stamps will be out for at least 2 weeks. Apparently Coach Hall will bring in a replacement and thus the player is someone we've heard of before but wouldn't say at this point who it is. However he did say the player is familiar with what we are doing.

I have not seen a Beat down like that it years on a CFL Team
I think Hall is as good as Fired!!!

Eskimo beat downs; Last nights 56-15 romp by Calgary, 56-8 by Sask. Aug.28th 1964, 55-9 by Sask. Oct.25th 2008, 54-8 by Ham. July 29th 1999. This team needs a drastic improvement or better yet OVERHAUL, which may/should occur over the next two weeks. (Positive from lasts night game: Kelly Campbell 339 all purpose yards. :thup:

Well we can't even do an overhaul till we get a New GM, Who the heck fires their GM with no replacement early in the Season, so here were stuck can't go forward I thought about this last night and I think Rick lalachear should be let go as well but we need to find a GM NOW so we can move forward.

The door's open for Hall, and I say we boot him out! :lol:

But seriously, firing DM, while the right move, did put us in an awkward position. But let's be real, there's no hope of salvaging this season, so I say we take our time. Let's do it right.

Definetly right move in firing DM but when do you ever see a pro sports team not have a replacement right away , makes no since when 6 out of 8 teams make the playoffs you don't have to win many games to make it I honestly think the talent is on the field it just needs proper coaching and a few player changes .

Hehe.. you couldnt help but smile at last nights game. One thing i have to state though is that.. Ricky Ray is not a leader. Fred Stamps is a leader. Kamau Peterson is a leader. Maurice Lloyd is a leader. Patrick Kabongo is a leader. Ricky Ray is a baby in a grown man. Anyways, does anyone know if we have our 1st Round Draft Pick this year? Or did good ol dumb shit Danny Mac trade that away before he was booted? Cause if so, that can go to a OL who might block! God it isnt very hard to block somebody for 4-5 seconds... Ive done it, the fact that the Eskies line cant (PROFESSIONALS) is disgusting.
On a note, i really would like to see Zabransky play a full game to see how he would fair. It wasnt really fair that he took over a demoralized team after a 18-1 deficit. Start to finish would be good for him and would demonstrate to us if the Boise State product is perhaps a future QB??? Youve gotta be decent to make the cover of NCAA at least... No harm, were either guna watch Ray lose a game like he always does (throwing 5 yard passes when we need 10 or 15) or were guna watch Zabransky have a chance to actually win one with his ability to scramble and his impressive "throw on the run"

My vote is Zabransky

See, I agree with what the announcers said about Ricky Ray last night. I hope I wasn't the only one who heard the comments.

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Qoute by oilersrock : Ricky Ray a baby in a grown man. :? Not even close.
According to DeVone Claybrooks; Ray is one tough cookie.

Ray's the favourite scapegoat on this team. Anytime things go sour, people start yelling for Ray's head. :roll:

First off RR is one if not the best QB in the league, as far as throwing 5 yard passes when they need 10 yards he is only doing what his OC is calling, when you are basically scrambling on every play you really don’t have enough time to look farther down field at your primery Rec . Maurice Lloyd has not had a very good season so far not sure I would call him a leader unless he wants to show the guys how Not to stop the run.
Zabransky will be good but he’s not ready yet , I would like to see him take more reps but to start this year would do more harm then good to his career . The problem with the Esks on O is a direct result of the OC not doing his job .
I will agree with you on our Drafting which has been non-existing since DM has taken over as well as a number of dumb trades .
With all the off -field distractions this is what happens I think the first thing this team needs to do is hire a GM ASAP as bad as DM was the Team still needed some stability not having a replacement was a really stupid move.

Not me :lol:

Thanks for pointing that out.
My apology goes out to you oilerrocker, I didn't look properly at the top of the post.
The qoute is from Eskimosrock. R.Ray a baby in a grown man. Not even close.

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Want to trade him to BC? Id take him in a heartbeat.

Your O-line sucks as bad as ours so I don't think it would help either team. I kinda think if we made 1 team out of Edmonton and B.C. they'd still miss the playoffs by a mile.

One other thing worth mentioning; In the past the offense and defense had separate rooms in the old dressing room until this season. With the new dressing room, I'm just wondering this year they are in the same room across from each other and thus can look each other in the eye. Makes one wonder if there's something going on in there that we don't know about ?, as this season is a bust on all fronts. I've also noticed that Ricky Ray sits all alone on the bench; Our O-line has problems.

I don't see that as a problem. I just think it's poor talent (along the lines) and poorer coaching. Hall and the guys aren't getting these guys ready. They're not motivating them. They're not teaching them how to play smart and disciplined football.

Speaking of poor coaching; over in the esksfans forum they are discussing about Strasser and Beamer to be replaced. :expressionless: