Door Mats

We have been the " door mats " of the CFL for a lot years now.
I never dreamt that a totally different team/staff could look so similar to last year. 0 & 5 again !

BUT, the CFL fans/players/and officials from other cities like it that way.

It's always nice to have someone you can look down on, a team you can count on for 2 points, a place to " pump up " your personal stats.
An easy game to throw your red flag.

Unfortunately, that's a side of human nature.

Only the players can help us !
The other cities don't want this to change.

I quite agree, nesleinr2000. Every league has its patsy and in the CFL, like it or not, thats us.

Playing Hamilton appears to be an automatic two points for the opposition. You'd think that by now, we'd be getting used to this, but I remain optimistic that our fortune will change.

The Hamilton Tiger Cats have become the laughing stock of the CFL and the media. I no longer tell too many people outside of this site, that I remain a fan.

People have been known to die from laughter.

the ticats were a laughing stock last year...not so much this year...

atleast this year they are competitive ( last 3 games, anyways ), and teams aren't taking them lightly anymore.

i don't know if anyteam expects 2 easy points from hamilton anymore...they know they have to compete hard and EARN 2 points against the tabbies.

(drummergod) don't know if anyteam expects 2 easy points from hamilton anymore...they know they have to compete hard and EARN 2 points against the tabbies.
I always respect your opinion drummergod, and I agree with 90% of your comments in the above post. I do however, note, that Jason Maas fatigues in the 4th quarter, and smart opposing teams are aware that this will inevitably happen and then capitalize on it as was the case against Winnipeg. We should have changed QBS and gone for the win!

I'd venture to say that we'll see a lot of Timmy Chang next week, whether he's ready for prime time, or not.

Hamilton has a good, young football club that needs more "seasoning." (I used that word instead of "time to gel.")

Right now, I am worried about Coach Charlie Taafe. He was in the throes of deep despair after the Winnipeg game. He needs to lose that depressing attitude immediately and keep his team on track. We had enough of that nonsense with Lancaster.

The coaching staff MUST remain focused and enthusiastic, a direct reflection on the players.

Right now, we are close to winning a ball game or two, and for this season, I wouldn't expect much more. The point is to keep showing steady progress so we can kick some ass next year.

Hamilton are the Detroit Lions of the CFL.
Hamilton are the Tampa Bay Devilrays of the CFL
Hamilton are the Phoenix Coyotes of the CFL

Laughing stocks for years now.

Yeah, just like BC's defence did against Jesse and crew.

I have been to all but one other stadium in the league over the past 5 years when the Ti-Cats were playing there and I will tell you, not one person that I have seen, heard or talked to are laughing at the Ti-Cats.

As a long time Bomber supporter here in River City, let me say that I feel your pain! Not so long ago the Bombers were completely atrocious. Things do turn around.

To your point though, let me disagree with you. Here in Wpg. we take your team very seriously. There was much chatter about Lumsden and your defense before the game, and some concern when you were marching the ball on us so well. I can't speak for everyone, but here in Wpg. very few folks are looking at our trip out there next week as a guaranteed win. Personally, I think it's gonna be pretty close.

Bomber fans also have mucho respect for TiCat supporters. TSN always lauds you fans for backing your team. Know what else? That gate revenue is the only thing that will enable you to keep some of your important NI's.

Outside of playing us, I root for your team and would love to see them do well, especially against the much hated Alouettes!!

Ticat Door Mats - A great pre game giveaway promotional idea as mops are too big for fans to hold in the stands. :expressionless:

I would like to know if there is a significant difference between door mats and floor mats. Are door mats teams in outdoor leagues while floor mats play indoor in arena football? Just wondering....