Thanks for the donuts :lol:

I'm lost for words.
Your team looked great on paper or in a box.

Looks like some of your boys don't like each other. It's pretty bad when you have to watch on TV the kiss and makeup.

Go Argos

Alot of us felt like Leaf fans last night.

No take it back thats the lowest insult ,excuse me. :smiley:

Can't feel the pain
I was never a leaf fan.


I was in the 60’s-80’s.

I'm waiting for the Jets to come back.

I think that will happen when the leafs win the cup. :lol:

Never? lol

Actually, the Leaf analogy is pretty good. TiCat fans seem to think that anyone in a Black/Gold uniform is a future Hall of Famer just like Leaf fans think of their boys in blue. Leaf fans forget that their team didn't even make the playoffs (in an era when most every team gets in) yet seem to think they have a good if not great team. Similarly, from my visits to these forums, TiCat fans way over-estimate the quality of their players.

An Argo fan

Hopefully we can pull it all together and beat the Argos Aug 12th.




Go BC ...get Damen!

Get rid off these overpaid players, and lower the BEER Prices :oops:

Billy Dicken.

I never thought that Billy "I'll hit the grandma in Row 10" Dicken was Hall of Fame material. I wasn't calling Michael Bishop a potential Hall of Famer as a BACKUP as Marty York intimated last year. I wasn't calling Ricky Williams a second coming that was going to run roughshod over the league. Or Anthony Davis. Or Terry Metcalf...

Popcorn? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,