Dontre Wilson

Does anyone know why we cut wr Dontte Wilson. He was a standout at Ohio State and looked like a perfect replacement for Saunders

i asked Reinbold about it and he .
Made a grimmace…im not happy

There can be all kinds of reasons.

This early, one obvious possibility would be some kind of problem with passing his physical.

Also, I haven’t been to camp; do we know if he even reported?

Nah , I asked Burkie about it and he said just a roster decision we made…and I jokingly said ," And you didn’t call me for my aporoval :)"
I sure hope this move doesn’t turn around to bite us in a$$
I sure hope he dorsn’t sign with the Argos.
Check Dontre Wilson Ohio State highlights on youtube .
Then we will both be hoping he is invited back asap.

As Obie once told me there are NO guarantees ( think Ricky Williams , VInce Ferragamo, Johnny Manziel or Vince Young )

Coaches and GMs love fan advice and input.

I think OskieG name dropped the most people ever! Maybe he’s really “Burkie??

“If a Coach always listens to the fans pretty soon he’ll be sitting with them.”

With the late addition of Van Zeyl to an already-full roster, someone had to go. There might be some legit reason that Wilson was the scapegoat, talent aside (and I haven’t seen any tape). but the coaches are NOT going to divulge why they made that decision.

Any word on how the loss of Wilson has affected the rest of the players? Hopefully they can move past it and salvage something of this season.

Reports are that the Ben and Jerrys is running low. Kleenex delivery is on time, and the neighbours have finally gotten used to the Dido blaring from the locker room.

I was told today by a very reliable source that Dontre Wilson decided he didn’t want to play football anymore. Well at least for the time being . Too bad.