don't you just love excuses!!?

The Riders are making excuses again... they're denying the obvious truth! which their team is aging! they need to make some changes to their team and start getting a little younger on the field..

but they won't admit it! typical Shivers/Barrett..


another bad season. :roll:

wow Cflisthebest.... You always say complete garbage. Aging is the obvious answer huh? Ok...How come last year it was no QB. And last week it was kenton keith. Or the week before that it was Danny/Roy...

you know what?

shut up. I have been a Loyal and hardcore fan of this team since I was born! and I saw for my first 10 years of my life this team miss the playoffs, many of those years, they were out before half of the season was done!

Then they managed to WIN 1 Grey Cup! and have 1 HOME PLAYOFF GAME!

Now they constantly lose.. one way or another! They've been .500 for years..

SURE they made the playoffs, but they did absolutely nothing!

7 years of these two clowns and still nothing amazing to talk about!

no Grey Cup and no Home Playoff Game!

Can I add that 2 of those playoff years were cross overs to the east.

I'm with ya cfl, and if you follow my lead, you don't go to anymore games until this organization is willing to take a serious look at itself from the board down. We as fans deserve at least that much.

The real problem this year is no accountibility from anyone. Every week it's Barret saying the same old thing "we will watch the films, and we "will" correct it".

The players say they respect the h*ll out of Danny, but don't play for him. And now the players, and GM are blaming the fans? If anything they need to apologize to the fans for their pathetic efforts.

Danny has already said that he is not going to let the fans sway him into a different coaching style. I can respect that, but then realize that you are not the right guy to lead this team, step aside and let someone who has a passion of winning step in.

If the Board has the obligation of being fiscally responsible, they had better make changes right now, or they will be losing a ton of gate revenue.

Sick of the Rider organization!!