Don't You Just HATE That....

... damn Rona commercial..."and then we dab, we dab, we dab". The only thing I'm left dabbing is my bloody eyes after another putrid Tiger-Cat performance.

It's much better than the "off a plane, on a train" cell phone commercial that they played during the World Cup. That one drove me insane.

There's still one Rona commercial I love... where buddy becomes a plane.... at the end, it looks like the "customer" is blowing the wood shaving out of his brainpan.

That Rona commercial wasn't as aggravating as the "STUPID SHOP" commercial where the young punk of a salesman is going into a University dorm to ask a passed out student what he wants in a notebook computer and then proceeds to tell him want he wants. If a Future shock employee had half a brain cell it would be lonely !!!! That commercial was even worse than the Ticats on the field. I gave up counting after it was shown 8 times.

I love that Rona commercial where we Dab.

The look on the wife's face is hillarious.

The commercial I hate the most right now is the radio spots for the ticats, or the print....

"We come to play".

This leads me to believe that management knew we were gonna stink this year, so made the slogan "we come to play" instead of "we come to win".

I knida get a kick out of the dab commercial....i get that look from my wife all the time! lol

As opposed to the French commerical where the wife seems to be pondering whether to join in.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Makes you think of those old Brylcreem commercials:

"A little dab'll do ya!"


I'm with Mightypope on this one. I'm very sick of that commercial now.

Even worse are thos Wendy's commercials. The guy who want to sub his fries. How many times are we gonna see that one. I hate Wendy's now. I am going to McDonals... :smiley:

okay now you're just talking crazy talk

It gets sickening watching the same commercials over and over.I do like the Canadian commercials tho,like the one where the guy steals six beers from the lake. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the Tim Horton's commercial during the Olympics with the old Chinese guy talking to his son at the rink.

An Argo fan

I find that commercial racist.


Because the only minority at the party steals someone elses beer.

I'm kidding of course.