Don't You Guys Do A Game Thread? Als vs RB's

Came over here to see what you guys were saying and hoping that someone there can tell event staff to stop that idiot from playing his horn during the anthem.

However, if you don't have people to play with here, there's some of us over on the Ticat board commenting on the game tonite.

Oops... that should be the Montreal event staff. You guys are okay.

May as well bump this thread, even if it’s for the previous meeting between these two…Not crazy about the moves for this game. Chris Williams is out, though I do like Paden taking his place. Might be a good time for Maurice Price to actually show up. Jock Sanders will handle punt returns too.

Walker is back in place of Jeremiah Johnson. Ugh. Campbell says Walker looks motivated. Yeah, I see a lot of posing and prancing on the sideline from him. Not much for the Hollywood act myself. Whatever. Just run where you’re supposed to and STFU.

Gavins is out, which would normally be fine by me, but John Boyett is taking his place on the roster and he’s a complete unknown. The first 5 have starting experience but after that it gets pretty thin.

The Milo for Alvarado move enables them to have both Whiteside and Marlon Smith in at DE. That might work out nicely.

Not happy about Chris Williams sitting this game out, he's been the leading receiver and making the clutch catches.

Boyer is an unknown to many. I followed this guy through college. Don't worry about this kid. This kid is a baller. The question for Ottawa will be do we play Boyett at safety or at halfback. You don't see many Caucasian defensive backs in pro football after Jason sea horn and boyette is another one.

Boyett is big and strong and fast and extremely high football iq. He was going to be a high first round nfl draft pick until he had some life challenges.

This guy is incredible and will be a treat to watch. My guess is that he played well in practice to get on the active roster this fast as he was recently signed.

He is like a combo of Brian Dawkins and John lynch with coverage ability. Not sure if he fits in at halfback but he is in my opinion a sure safety and his effort alone and football instincts will allow him to break a receiver down mentally.

This guy is the real deal. Boyett issues are not on the field. He was and still will be one of the best players on the field. His challenges are off the field. If red lacks can control him off the field and he focuses on football Ottawa is going to have one of the best defenders in the cfl

I hope so, GG. Fact is, many of the players on the defense that we like were unknown at some point. I had the same concerns about Abdul Kanneh when he arrived and now I love the guy. Just because we haven't seen him play certainly doesn't mean he can't.

For what it's worth, Boyett is listed as a safety on the depth chart. I think that if one of the halfbacks gets hurt, Jacques Washington would move to whichever spot needs help and Boyett would remain at safety, but that's just a guess on my part.

Boyette as safety makes most sense. He will guard the deep and if any receiver wants to catch a deep ball John boyette will make the right read and launch himself like a human missile. He has that palamulu burst when hitting.

Another positive is his hands. This kid has hands that most receivers would Dream of. He can high point the ball on interceptions like Julio Jones and Dez Bryant.

Put boyette at safety. Move Robinson to corner and keep abdul and Gavin's and Thompson. McDonald is good also.

With boyette back there it brings a physical player that the opposition has to account for each play. He is a difference maker

Did I miss something, is Williams a healthy scratch?
If so, horrible mistake as he is a threat anytime he touches the ball.

not healthy scratch - listed as lower body injury

Just got back from the game, the place was rockin tonight wow was it noisy.
I didn't think they were going to pull it out. On the road tomorrow to TO and then on to Hamilton on Sunday!!!!

Good to see such a great CFL fan....travelling to different cities....I'm a redblack fan living in Toronto and Cfl is hardly spoke about

Just got back from our hectic CFL weekend, the Ottawa game was definitely the best part and the crowd was unbelievable.
Drove to Toronto on Saturday but we decided not to go to the Argo game but sat in a bar drinking and eating and only saw the game highlights. Drove to Hamilton on Sunday afternoon, our tickets were on the East side and we were in the hot sun for most of the game. The crowd was nowhere near as loud and excited as the Ottawa crowd but with the one sided game you can understand that. The steam whistle is a great idea, the stadium looks great but too bad it's in such a crappy run down area with no restaurants or bars.