Dont write-off the Cats....yet folks.

There is still 2/3rds of the season remaining.
And the Cats are now playing a hell of a lot better than the standings of 1 and 6.
I won't beat this to death but..Jake the Snake Ireland and his crew has cost this team 4 points..
With that being said..we have seen steady improvement in the team over the last 4 games.
After the bye week, our Cats have a run against Eastern Divison teams for the next 4 games. Montreal-Toronto-Toronto-Winnipeg.
And I think our Cats are going to win all of them.
Don't be surprised...if that is just what happens.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

The season isn't over by any means. However, I'd say this team has already 'gelled' since week 4. The result has been 1-3 with 2 losses swayed by poor officiating.

Realistically I think at best the Cats can win 7 or of their last 11 giving them an 8-10 record which is a toss up as to whether or not they'd finish with a playoff spot.

Great game, frustrating to watch, obviously, for reasons already well known. This team is going to be excellent especially for next year if we can keep the guys we need to keep. I like the way things are looking. :thup:

Our season will come down to the two games against the Argos. If we can win both we are very much alive its that simple. If we lose both its over and my guess is you will see Maas benched or traded, Corey Homes released or traded and a flood of NFL cuts make there way to Hamilton. Chang will become our starter the rest of the season will Williams backing him up.

Yes I agree SJ Riley. This season is by no means over. We have definitely improved play as of late.


The Argos are only one game ahead of us for the 3rd playoff spot in the East (okay I guess its too early to be talking playoffs but w/e). This is just something to remember to keep in mind.

I'd love to see them make the playoffs this year, but the reality is it's year one of the new rebuilding plan. As Coach Taaffe said, we live in a "microwave" society and rebuilding a football team isn't that easy. The coaching and management staff need to identify the players with talent and drive to build a solid foundation around.

Finally....some sense.
Our expectations were too high at the beginning of this season. We were encouraged by Scott Mitchell who said we would be in the playoffs this year. The way its going now we will be lucky to match last years dismal record.
I think perhaps the biggest mistake was not getting a proven QB as insurance in case Maas played like last season. Having a #2 and #3 QB who are not seen as starters leaves us in one heck of a mess. Maas is finally coming around but this situation has put us in a huge hole at 1-6. I'll say it the QB goes so does the team. Its not the only problem but its enough to make a difference this season.
I'll agree there is still time to become competitive but whatever happens I expect some major player changes in all areas by next season. We have some strong players but not enough yet to build a team around for next year. If we lose Jesse next year (I think he will stay) we are in big trouble. We will need an RB like Edwards, Reynolds or McClendon.
As for the coaching staff...I think they are in a bit of a learning curve too.
There's lots of positives about this team. But its too bad for the fans that another season (again) will be likely be needed before we can see some solid progress.

The priority at this point must be to sign every single good player currently on the roster, to long-term contracts: Lumsden, Setta, Bauman, Chang, etc.

We should be hearing press conferences announcing signings, to have hope that this rebuilding year has promise.

I agree. the sooner the better!

Actually, I would be very surprised if that happens. Prior to the last game, I stated that the Cats need to win two of the next three games to prove that they really turned a corner with the win in week six. Of the three opponents, Edmonton and Toronto were the two teams they were most likely going to win against... Well, they certainly didn't win against Edmonton, although the game was certainly winnable. Some here would claim that it was a "commendable performance". Too bad "commendable performances" don't figure in the standings, though. I believe that the game against TO is a sure win, so let's hope that they can pull something out against Montreal.