Dont worry, the ALs will come back.

I am a ALs fan big time and I am not worried about losing the a few games.
So we are off to a bad start, we are still playing pretty good.
Just give it time, we have a pretty good team.
The ALs will finnish the season off with a impressive record.

I think so too. Although they are 1 and 3, they seem to be getting better every week.

The bottom line here is they only need to make the playoffs. A home playoff game would be better but many times a 3rd place team has gone on to win the cup

All teams get better in the first month. While I don't share the positive outlook. I respect your opinions.

Als have had a very long run at the top or sharing top dog status. It can't last forever.

They beat Toronto.
I think Montreal will get stronger in the second half of the season. Remember they have some different players than last year it will will just take a few more games to get it together.

yeah, I still Remember the year when Calgary won the cup despite a losing record in regular season.

BC as well in 2000 8-10 record and they won the cup!
Funny thing is they beat the ALs that year :oops: