Don't worry, be happy

Please don't drag up old threads just to complain about each other. It just makes work for the mods deleting the old threads, and doesn't do anything for you or the rest of the readers of these forums.

Whenever you find yourself becoming grumpy with something someone said or implied about a post of yours just click the link below:

It's a shame that old threads like that (or any threads) get zapped though. Can't they just be locked instead? Zapping will only encourage trolls to dig up important threads from their perceived enemies, in order to get them zapped. We shouldn't go out of our way to feed the trolls in this manner.

It might seem petty, but those are little chunks of the history of the franchise that are being zapped away.

Wow now you got me worried how old I am because I can remember when that song came out! Just win in Edmonton and there will be peace through out Ti-Cat nation.

Gauthier's forthcoming blocked punt and/or interception return for a touchdown will heal all wounds.

People who have to use Internet discussion forums to "get back" at so and so who said this or that, are people who need to grow up. Have a bit humour about stuff and lighten up, it's a sports discussion forum for pete sakes, not some forum where you go around getting revenge on anyone who might have disagreed with you and told you whatever, does it really matter? Let's face it, as I've found out in life, most people have their own set of problems anyway, unless someone has really gone out of their way to hurt you in the pocketbook or career or slandering your professional image or whatever, the rest is all pure entertainment.
"Don't worry, be happy", excellent motto!!! :thup: At least your not over in Afganistan or under that bridge in Minnesota or the floods in wherever etc.

This is my elixir that never fails to put a smile on my face:

#6 at the 1:40 mark!

  • paul

Man I wish youtube wasn't blocked here. :x

Me too

It's way too hard for me to keep up with the current complaining threads, much less the old ones. :wink:

Yes let's look to the future, it looks pretty bright!

Good line borehamgirl "It's way to hard for me to keep up with the current complaining threads", like that. :thup:

I actually got a little sentimental reading that thread from last year. It was a good victory, I brought a really nice gal, decided to see what the view was like from the south side, and had a really good time. Too bad others can't see the good things from the bad.

Years ago Johnny 'Pops' Papalia told me a wise guy never puts anything in writing that could be used against him. That includes opinion!

As far as I'm concerned, if an old thread still has relevance, then I don't see what the problem is with dredging it up. I just found it interesting that the wildly optimistic posts following the first win last season were so similar to many of those of this last week, yet we all know what last season ended up being like. It was, however, unfortunate to see that certain people back then felt empowered enough to attack others who didn't share their wildly optimistic sentiments, just as they continue to do now.

My Wife won't come to anymore games with me!!!
She doesn't like to see me cry!!!

kidding..........all is good in tabby land people, time to start counting all our wins!!!!!!!!!
Think they'll take Robbie on the road with em??
He can stay at Maas's house!!!!!


Well, the owner of the site does, but I'm sure you think you know better.

Oh gosh, was that persecuting and creating a poisonous environment?

Now you've done it, Ockham. Keep your head up.
Methinks vengeance is forthcoming.

Oskie wee wee!

Having seen the game against Edmonton, I am not happy! I am worried!

I think I'll give Bobby McFerrin a call to see if he can settle me down. :lol: :roll:

Our record is 1 and 6 and l am not happy that we are losing winnable games .That is why the fans are frustrated!!!

That guy committed suicide Bob. I hope you aren't trying to suggest anything

Wow that was a whole new level of classy. :roll: