Don't worry, be happy now...

I'm not kidding. In 2003 our favourite team was in bankruptcy and had won just one game that season.

Our record since then, while not stellar, has shown a consistent upward trend, with both the 2004 season (thanks to 4 wins versus a weak and almost bankrupt Renegade team) and last year being the anomalies.

I cannot promise that this season will not be another anomaly (it is an odd league that way), but with Kent Austin in charge the continued upward trend line in our on-field performance is guaranteed.

So for all you passionate Ticat fans who are about to burst an artery in frustration over our unexpected 0-2 start, here's my annual reminder:

While I'm not happy at all with the teams performance so far I wouldn't want anyone other than Kent Austin running the show.

Bob perhaps if this team had more than a handful of winning seasons and 1 grey cup in the last 20 years we would be happy. But its the same old story year after year and now your Pres is on Twitter trying to defend how bad is actually good. People are calling it like its is and it’s not good. I am a huge fan of the team and of you for saving our Cats but its very hard to watch a team go 0-2 8 years in a row

You think -you- are disappointed? :cry:

On the other hand I get to hang out with Coach Austin and our coaching and scouting staff. So while disappointed, I'm very optimistic. 8)

Yes I am because year after year I pay for season tickets and then watch Teams like Toronto go from last to winning the Cup or see our Best receiver get traded to a 0-9 team and win the cup that same season, so yeah I am disappointed :cry:

If your disappointment is related to how much you pay for season tickets, just consider for a moment how much Bob pays to ride this roller coaster each year. Only one person on this forum loves the Cats so much, "he bought the company" (apologies to Victor Kiam).

Caretaker wrote: On the other hand I get to hang out with Coach Austin and our coaching and scouting staff.
Yeah, there are some perks with being Caretaker, that's for sure!

Team is disappointing....but the biggest reason is change of coaching staff so often. Sorry, but it takes time to learn/adjust & execute a new playbook & coaching philosophies. Give it time. After a few years if there is no change then you know changes have to be made. Look at the Dallas Cowboys with Troy Aiman's first year playing ( He finished 1989 with an 0-11 record as a starter, completing 155 of 293 passes for 1,749 yards, 9 TDs, 18 INTs.) Did their fans give up?....ummmm...NO....did they coaches get fired?.....NO....did everyone panic?.....NO. In years past we had no QB, now we got one. Years past we had a solid DEFENSE...lately we haven't...let it play out. 0-2 Def coordinator/new playbook....give it TIME!!!!. Oh...and regarding how much $$$ Bob puts into this team....He knew going into this that owning the Tiger Cats wasn't a business opportunity to make money...but more of a hobby and tax right off to help out his "real" money making businesses. But I very much appreciate the time and effort he has made since coming aboard....Thank you Mr. Young.

It is games like these past two that will make Tiger-Cat wins feel even better! This team has top offensive weapons and a defense that is way ahead of last year in terms of athleticism and ability. Give the new coaching staff a bit more time to work out the kinks, and this team will be OK.

A team led by Austin and Steinhauer (sp?) will only get better week after week. What, me worry? :cowboy:

The Philosophy in Sports is different from most businesses because it's heavily Fan Driven. First provide the fans with a Winner on the field than followed by great marketing plan not the other way around Mr. Young!!

Because after ten years since 2003 we are still looking at a losing team on the field but great marketing!!!

Winning on the field cannot be guaranteed though regardless of how much money is put into a team wherever. That's just the nature of sports.

Hey Earl, six other teams in the the CFL have done it, you tell me why it cannot be accomplished by the Tiger-Cats to build a winning franchise on the field? Excuses, Excuses, Excuses by whining fans!!!

Bob yes thx for saving our beloved Ticats but sir I would like to point out a few things 1. Your "five year Plan" had turned Into a 10year plan and now looking the way we REBUILD from fresh every year maybe a 15year plan ?! Also may I add that the last time this team won a Grey Cup and travelled to a Grey Cup we had two owners from hog town Mr Grant and Mc Donald who with very little money won the cup! they built that team and had unity not blow it up and start over every year :roll: And enough of this positive attitude To watch sub par performance on the grid iron if I want winning football I can go down to a Mac Marauders game it's local, they are entertaining and they tend to WIN. Bob may I add the Biggest issue why your long time dedicated season seat holders the bread and butter of your fan base are pissed right off let me ask you this question ? I have been a season seat holder for 15 years is it fair that a fan with say 1 year of seniority and going to Guelph this year will have better seats in our new home next year than Me a Tier two classified fan that is not right that this system that's Mitchell implemented has turned some of your best season seat holders right off and some will probably never come back ! THe way we are playing I am happy I went with my gut feeling and not go to Guelph because of the onfield product and the way I have been treated by your Sales Department and Scott Mitchell

I have no problem with the way I've been treated by sales staff, they're usually excellent and extremely helpful. (go team)

the only reason i didn't buy season's tickets this year is because we're playing in guelph (heretofore to be known as Gellff). now, i'll probably go to a few games (including this saturday) BUT it's not worth the drive up 24 and back, especially not in that stadium, especially not at those prices.

i'll be happy when we start winning playoff gameS again, and start re-allocating my entertainment dollars from Cineplex and the Blue Jays (yup they stink too right now) to the cats again

While I’m not so sure about the “never come back” statement, but my wife and I have been season ticket holders for 40 years (1972 to 2012, with the exception of 1 year), and I must say that (for the most part) … we do agree with this comment.

I'm sure they realized that this priority with Guelph season ticket holders was going to be an issue for some of their long time season ticket holders that didn't renew for Guelph. And that they would lose some season ticket holders in the long run because of this. I guess the old saying is you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. :?

Don't know man. Its tough finding 15 year loyal customers.

Hf, are you thinking that the large majority of long time consecutive season ticket holders won't renew in the new stadium because they didn't renew for Guelph? Who knows, you could be right on that. :?

I heard ... and not that I can confirm an official source ... Perhaps Caretaker or Mitchell or Scott McNaughton can confirm ...

The TiCats lost 40% of their season ticket holders in the transition from last season to this season - Hamilton to Guelph.
They got half of that back ... or 20% new season seat buyers, mostly from outside the Hamilton area.
When counting flex-pack buyers ... they got another 10% or half of the remaining "lost" half.
They hope that they can get the last 10% of "lost" season ticket holders with people buying remaining games as season tickets in order to get in on season tickets for the new stadium in 2014.

I don't think it will be the majority but even if its 500 to 1000, that's a big loss IMO. I guess a lot depends how many people who bought tickets this year are from the Guelph area and don't plan to renew next year.