Dont underestimate Hamilton

I have been a long time Hamilton fan and with the tiger cats losing the last 3 games, you can bet they are going to come out strong come Sunday. There fighting for a playoff spot. There has been a lot of talk all over Hamilton and with the players on the team. There really frustrated with some of the play that has been going on with there team and i expect that they will play harder against Montreal. Our offence is not very strong but you can be sure our defence will be top notch come Sunday. Otis Floyd, jamall johnson and markeith knowlton will be all over the field and our defensive backs are going to be aggressive coming after Cohoon and putting pressure on Calvillo. You can bet on it.

Ti Cat fan


What is the point of trash talking over a meaninless game?

I will also say though...even though im a tiger cat fan i do hope we face you in the montreal final and at least play hard against you...Montreal your a tough team and are the best team in this league this year. Even if we play hard and we lose to you this year in the final I will be happy with Hamilton and what they did this year. With consistency and keeping most of what we have, I think we will come out next year even stronger. Were still rebuilding and trying to become what Montreal already is.

I always want my hometown team to win and get to the grey cup but i know if we dont make it, i have no problem cheering on Montreal this year in the grey cup ...which will be in Calgary...

it would be nice to see Anthony Calvillo get the grey cup this year in Calgary after what Calgary did to you last year. REVENGE IS SWEET!!

Who is Cohoon? if he is the waiter at Schwartz yeah i am sure that d line will be all over it.

Hi oshawaguy, yes these Alouettes are looking all mighty this season, but IMO they have not accomplished anything until they win the GC. Too bad your cats are looking a bit more like the last 4-5 years ti-cats, it was looking promissing for a while... I hope they bounce back and make the play offs. This league can't afford to have both southern Ontario teams out of the playoffs.

As an Als fan, I have always respected Hamilton, even during their darker past seasons. This year, they have proved their worth and I look forward to seeing these 2 teams play tomorrow. It would be nice to see Hamilton make it to the playoffs and battle it out in the the Eastern Final. have much respect from Montreal. Good luck to both teams tomorrow.

I don't think anyone's underestimating Hamilton here.

They're fighting for their playoff lives, and I expect them to play hard tomorrow from start to finish.

I think that Hamilton has taken tremendous strides this year. The division will be a lot more interesting when the Al's can't simply run away with it.

Im not to sure we will come out OVERLY strong, but I think with Glenn at QB it SHOULD be a closer game! as long as Bo Smith Steps up and dose not shit the bed again..:stuck_out_tongue:

Well oshawaguy, you proved to be prophetic. The TiCats put up one hell of a game.