Dont' take the Ticats as push over's

The Bombers have to work like demons this week, we have a few corrections to make on the twisting trail through the forest...Rust is gone, heard Stokes left for Family reasons, Big BadASS Brown is hurting, hope he'll be back. On the plus side, we have a ton of talent around these peaple..the offence looks dangerous and the boy's are fighting hard on special teams....Beware of any wounded Cats in the forest....Go Bombers

stokes didn't go anywhere, he injured his shoulder but i heard him and doug will be fine. it's rust who left for family reasons

plus hamilton sucks

Stokes got on a plane today (monday) for a family reason, they don't know if he will be back for fridays game

I was just curious, would they put darnell mcdonald in as his replacement??

It would be nice to get a look at McDonald, Daley said he looked really good in practice. The Bombers will beat the TiCats.

Daly said tonight that Stokes is unlikey, and Doug Brown is questionable for Fridays game. Daly said that Sutherland will likely start in Stokes place, and Darnell McDonald could as well.

Daly also said that Stoddard will likely start at slotback, in place of Stokes.

i'm curious where you heard this, i'd like to check the facts myself, it was probably on the news and i didn't watch it

What about stoddard? isnt he an actual slotback unlike darnell

Well if stokes cant go, we will miss his big play ability thats for sure, but nothing really changes as far as the alignment goes, stokes is an import, so McDonald would come as the 5th receiver.

Stoddard should get the nod, he"ll be a good set hands for a second or third look...seems he has the nack for sitting in the holes..and for drawing the short end of the stick..

I wouldn't if they didn't have such a s***ty logo as they do now, but the Cats will get at least a win this season. Just isn't going to be agaist the Bombers.

This team will be 4-6 as of the end of Friday night. If Edmonton loses and Sask wins we got ourselves a real race for second place.

Unreal Riders, you should just give up that sad SadSack team of yours and join the mighty BlueBombers, we'll call ya the new UnrealBombers and even stuff a cigar in your yap...If not, good luck in your overrated, undertalented,Rider prider season..