Don't take the Argos lightly

The last few games I watched the Argos I noticed one thing...they have a hell of a D. Also, a great running back and a couple new receivers. We're going to have to be totally focused and disiplined to beat them in their barn. They're very chippy and dirty therefore we can't get sucked into any retaliation penalties. This game is not a automatic two points. :cowboy:

Its certainly not an automatic win. Our defense has shown the capability of making anyone look good. That has to stop.

I'm sure the Ti-Cats remember losing to the Argos twice this year already.

Of the Argos' 3 wins, 2 are against the tabbies.

OH so true!

The Argos will be tough, that is for sure. There will be a complete overhaul in Toronto in the off-season and they are all playing to keep a paycheck!

This will be a very tough game for sure!

yeah, losing 6 of the last 7 games. I bet the confidence level is way up. The Ticats should not take any team lightly.


Should be a close game like most 'Cats-Argos games....thankfully for the Argos, Kevin Glenn & ABIII will not have Billy Parker to abuse this week!!!

They should take the Argos as lightly as the Patriots did with the Titans (wouldn't that be nice). :thup:

Actually.. I don't think the Blew team should take the CATS lightly!!!

The way this season's gone, no team should take anyone lightly.

Firstly, Billy Parker has had an allstar type year playing on the best defense in the league.

Secondly, ABIII was great beacuse 1) The Oline give KG time to work, 2) Glenn showed composure and executed superbly, 3) ABIII is a talented,experienced receiver who knows what he is doing.