Don't shoot the messenger nor the caretaker

Remember the Ticat fan 25 years ago that sat on top of the flag pole on King Street Hamilton for ... what was it six weeks to support saving our Tiger Cat Team. We were loosing our team and we were all in desperation.

Lets not loose sight of the joy this team of our brings us and has forever. Caretaker Bob loves the Tiger Cat Nation and that is why he has invested money and time into what he feels is important. We have all contributed in keeping our team in the league, however we could not have done it without Bobs help. To you Bob!

Drew is of the same blood. He was born into this nation and we need to support him as his gut told him to let us know what he had learned. Ever type anything that you wished you'd deleted? Drew was honestly reporting. To you Drew!

I was one of the happiest fans when we got Kent Austin as he gave us stability.
To you Kent!

I wish I could shake the hand of that flag pole sitter. We need to have a statue of him to remind us how lucky we are. To you the ultimate Tiger Cat Fan!

Born in 1980, I would have been around 12 when this flag pole sitting occurred.

I'll be honest, I've not heard of that story.

Care to share?

It was the year that the team could not make the payroll, owed money all over town, was as far down as anyone could imagine. Supporters keptthe storeyin the news that we needed someone to step in and rescue the team again. One fan climbed up to the top of a tall bill board, and settled in for weeks, sleeping up there. The news covered his Tiger Cat Supporter adventure each day and kept the word spreading that we needed help. It arrived and he and his supporters will never be forgotten.
I didn't live in Hamilton but drove to see him sitting up there. I am sure some of us here know this man, whom was pretty young then. What was his name? For sure he is still a fan around here. Who else remembers the bill board sitting?

I would like to buy that man a beer!

On top of a flag pole? On top of a billboard? You seem confused.

Who cares if it was a flagpole, billboard, or a step ladder the point of the story is that a fan thought the Ti- Cats were worth the time and energy and for that Thank you.

Oh this story tickles the memory. Wasn't it somewhere near the then Sheraton Connaught hotel downtown?

I remember when this happened at IWS in 2009! ;D

youtube vid here

yes I was at the game to

LOL !!! yup I was there as well . We actually won that game that night against Calgary and if I'm not mistaken that was the last time that we actually defeated them on home turf nine long years ago .

This team in bigger and more important then all the crap that has surfaced this year.

I have been a fan since 1980 when I was 7 years old and lived 15 minute walk from the stadium when I was growing up near Centre Mall. The firehall on Kenilworth used to give away those yellow Ticat player cards (remember those?) and players used to visit Holy Family School and do pep talks.

I will be a fan for life, even if Johnny "Football" is offered a contract soon, and long after Bob Young ever decides to sell the team.

One hurts a lot more than the other one.

The billboard was on top of a building on the south west corner of King St East and Wentworth.

The fan camped out on the platform which is used to stand on when new advertisements are applied

It was 2 guys. I seem to remember it was on the building at king and tisdale. I remember so well because i went to high school with them. One of them was a really good football player back then.

Excellent 55