Don't repeat mistakes of the past

For everyone yelling that Printers should be dumped because Williams is just as good and much cheaper, just remember that we had Damon Allen here once, but because he had a large contract and there was a promising back-up that people fell in love with, the Cats traded one of the greatest QB's ever to save a few sheckles. The promising back-up, Don McPherson out of Syracuse, never lived up to the hype and was a dismal failure. That actually started a dark period that didn't end until Lancaster arrived with McManus and Flutie.

Williams may be great one day, but he is not ready for prime time yet and it would be franchise suicide to dump Printers at this point. Give him an O-Line and some impact receivers to augment the solid backfield, and Casey will get it done.

If you think about it, what other QB would you trade Casey for straight up? The only other QB I would consider would be Ricky Ray and I think he's got a few years on Casey so I'd have to think about. Please Fans, don't push another potential hall of famer out of town because he is well paid. He's not the reason the Cats are losing.

The man speaks the truth.

YES...Casey is a good QB...I don't care what anybody here says...

I haven't read a SINGLE SYLLABLE saying Printers should be TRADED, DUMPED, or otherwise SHED from this squad ... what I HAVE read is that Williams should START over Printers, and the REASON, MOST likely, that he does NOT is his PAYCHEQUE.

I for ONE, am ABSOLUTELY convinced that Casey P has ALL the TOOLS in the box and is a SUPERIOR ATHLETE with OODLES of TALENT ...

BUT ... my MAJOR KNOCK against the man is his, SEEMING (to me) LACK of Leadership. When I COMPARE the way his team mates REACT to him, and PLAY with him - I notice a TANGIBLE DIFFERNCE in the ENERGY and VIBE of those whom he is LEADING.

Richie HAS that INTANGIBLE QUALITY of making those AROUND him PLAY BETTER ... the CHEMISTRY of the club is PALATABLY different with RW under center ... this comes with TIME and a CONSISTENT EFFORT with those you play with ... something Casey does not seem to have ESTABLISHED ... YET ...

I have no PROBLEMS keeping BOTH QB's ... Just get their salaries more IN LINE with REALITY and go from there ... Having TWO capable QB's in the stable is an ENVIABLE position that ANY CFL team would love to have.

I am THANKFUL we are one of those teams.


P.S - In a tangentially RELATED topic ... I say it was LONG OVERDUE NEWS to hear of Woodards RELEASE - AMEN !

I Look so forward to watching Casie Printers when they have a good solid line in front of him. If you doubt his talent, picture him back in BC with his old buddies and watch him chew up the defences in the league . I like him here and am patient to wait for the line to be solidified. Then it will be the other fans in the league wowing us for a change.