Don't remember seeing anybody post about this

The Fight between Anderson and Tate in the CGY BC game? What was that about? Seems like there needs to be some discapline out in Stampeder land

...I didn't read anything about it in the paper the next day so I'd chalk it up to emotion and Anderson doing some venting...apparently a few of the Calgary DBs told him he was wrong to unload on Tate for a minor line-up error and he spent the next few minutes sitting alone at the end of the bench collecting his thoughts....based on how the backfield played for the rest of the game I'm pretty sure this is a non-issue...

...if there is one coach who doesn't have to contend with much in the way of discipline issues it's Hufnagel...

I actually agree about Hufnagel, he's not my fav coach but i think he could control a team. He seems like a jerky kind of guy with no sense of humour, no offense to him tho

...I'm sure he'd take no offense to that analysis...he's one of those coaches that hides emotion well...during the BC game Reynolds popped off some good yardage on one play and Huf gave a little fist pump back and forth coupled with a 'yeah' and that's about the most emotion I've ever seen on field from the guy....MIller is a lot like that, good or bad he has a constant demeanor...Tressman too...I admire those kind of coaches 'cause I know whether I'm at the game or watching it at home I'm jumping up and down either praising the good Lord almighty or damn'ing the R&W to eternal hell, I don't think I could do what they do very well from an emotional level...I can relate to Maccocia I suppose...ew, that's icky...

Both players will be fined by Huf. He cleaned up the Stamps discipline problem and won't stand for that kind of crap. I'm sure he has addressed the penalty issues, that they are having as well. He is exactley what you want in a coach, calm and cool. Not a coach who loses focus by losing his mind 10 times a game. He is the best coach in the league, 1 year 1 cup, can't argue with that.

Ya me too, guys who control their emotion seem to win more. IE: and i know i apologise for the fact that im using a NFL (No Fun League) reference, but you look at Tom Coughlin with the Giants, the guy used to be a jerk and yell at players and refs and just always look pissed. He changed it became more calm and quiet and won a Super Bowl.

But it's a chicken-and-egg question, Gcup. Did he start winning because he became more calm, or did he become more calm because he started winning? My guess (and I don't follow NFL, so I don't know) is that it's a little of both.

Anderson's a bit of a hot-head. He got benched by the Cats in one game (I think it was against Calgary, ironically) because he was fighting with teammates on the sidelines. Same thing: sat on the end of the bench with no one talking to him.

The thing is, he's really good. So as long as the coach can reign him in, he's got a good DB.