Don't lump Obie with Mitchell

I have seen this in a few threads that people are confusing Obie and Mitchell's jobs. They aren't a package and have completely different job descriptions.

-his job is to make Bob Young money
-he oversees the football ops and business ops
-he approves the salaries of the contracts that Obie bring to him (free agents/draft picks/trades)
-as long as the money makes fiscal sense, it's approved
-he has no say in player personel decisions, these are left up to Obie, Coaches and Scouts
-he does hire the GM but this is done in conjunction with the owner and is not his decision alone

-his job is to pick out the coaches and players
-he comes up with the contract values for the players
-he is responsible for the onfield product of the team

Approving a 4 year 400k a year contract to a coach who has never been or proven anything as a HC is financialy (fiscaly) irresponsible.

mitchell should not have approved multi year salaries of unproven coaches that the ticats could be on the hook for.

I'm not totally done with Cortez. Offensively we are okay. With a better defense, it would be a great coaching decision.

Issue starts with the defense. We hired Cortez late and the DC was a guy who was available late in the process. The time to make coaching changes is immediately after the Grey Cup. The Argos are miles ahead of us because they made their decision super quick once they were eliminated last year.

I agree it was way late but also normaly when a HC is interviewed one of the first questions asked is "Who will make up your coaching staff?" Young was done in by the CFL's "old boys" club...

If it's any solace, I can assure you Toronto's nowhere close to being "miles ahead" of Toronto. Compare the game breakers on the NI depth....if Hamilton had halfway competent coaching they'd be hosting the ESF.