don't look now but here come the Bombers..

Man the Bombers are looking good so far ..
we have Company for 3rd Shortly..

no...the 2 missed bomber fieldgoals will come back to haunt them.

Still a Very Close Game..
Wish the Stamps would get there butts Moving



BOMBERS WIN :frowning:
We now Tied for Last

Well, I guess we couldn't have expected the Bombers to be winless for much longer.

I am surprised that Dinwiddie threw it to the end zone on 2nd and 10 late in the 4th quarter to go for the win rather than the tie. Serna missed a few so I thought they would try to make it easier for Serna to make it. (Imagine if that pass were incomplete and Serna missed... and then imagine the calls to Winnipeg's equivalent to the fifth quarter.) And speaking of Dinwiddie, how many passing yards was that for him?

A Ticat win would put the in second place in their division, a loss tomorrow will put them tied for last place in the division. Tomorrow's game became even more of a must-win for the Ticats.

Were tied for last now but by the end of the week we could be tied for first. must be nice to have an offense AND a defense to play against the Stampeders....and win!

The Als play in B.C. and the blue team is in Saskatchewan to play the undefeated Riders this weekend.

I would not be that surprised to see the Als and Ticats leading the division with 2-3 records after this weekend is over.

Dinwiddie was very impressive. He took command of the offence and they responded like real pros. However, I bet Westwood is looking good to Berry right about now. Serna almost cost them the game with his misses.

An Argo-Cat fan

I wish the Stamps would of played like that against us, see how they helped setup that Hollywood ending...Dorks. :thdn:

Yeah, Suitor went on about what a great pass it was. It wasn't a great pass. It was a great catch. It was severely underthrown. If Browner had turned around it was an interception. However, I guess because the ball was so underthrown, he didn't have the cue from the receivers eyes getting big as he gets set to make the catch. Maybe it was intended to be underthrown as a comeback route, but Browner had the position if he would've just turned around.

Westwood was just as bad from beyond 40 last year, a good reason why he was released.

Did you see Berry lay into that little shnook after he missed those kicks. That was almost as good as the game. :lol: :lol:

Despite it all Dinwiddie played incredible..I am shocked and extremely impressed and I think I may just go see the BB's play the argos next week.

It ticks me off that the Cats didn't have a chance to play them early in the season. I think our chances of beating them evaporated tonight. Looks like Dinwiddie just got a starter's job. He played an incredible game.Goes to show you what stretching the defense can do for you. On the few ocassions the Bombers didn't make the catch, they often got the call from the refs. I hope the Cats coaching staff were watching. it was a good example of going out with the intention of winning the game.

It just goes to show you, that on any given night. Any team can pull an upset. I would have never thought Winnipeg could beat Calgary. Up until tonight, I thought Calgary was the best team in the league.

We had better get a lot better and fast or we are headed for the basement again.

I really have to wonder what it takes to get this Team moving in the right direction.
From the Winnipeg Game, we see that the Coach(es) do what is needed to do to win. If it means playing Dinwiddie ( while Glen sits ) - they make the change, & you see the +ve results.
Now, before everyone starts pouncing on me - I am not starting a Q/B contraversy here.
All I am saying is that there comes a point in time when a coach needs to decide to make a change, to either shake up the Team, or to give himself a better chance to win.
My fear is that Taffe is not that kind of coach. He is methodical, and stubborn. I see him as a 1-dimentional coach. He uses the run to death, and basically he lives & dies by the run. He did the same in Montreal.
This takes very little talent. No schemes - just run it up the gut, Whoever wins the battle in the trenches wins.
Now that we are officially in last place, let's see what this Team is really all about.
My guess - little talent; much fluff.
If this Team does not change directions soon, I say the leash on Taffe is ever so much shorter....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: