don't look for a championship season

well,kevin glenn was unloaded finally. maybe,like the sens,they will be garbage the first few years ,then the thick of it

Glenn is the perfect expansion QB.

He is good enough.

Good enough to start in the CFL, good enough to contend with a good team, good enough to make an expansion team at least respectable and good enough to tutor a younger QB with more upside.

Who is looking for a championship season?
Glen is still better than any QB that Winnipeg, Edomonton, Montreal, Calgary or BC has. I remember when the Ticats dumped Calvillo because he wasn't getting the job done.

If i was Toronto or Hamilton i would be a bit worried of Otatwa roster as it stands now are they a championship team no but they could push for a play off spot.

It depends how they fare in free agency. If they grab free agents from The other Eastern teams like Josh Bourke, Jamel Richardson, Inman, McCune... and they improve at the expense of the Easern teams they can be competitive.

Jamel Richardson is not a potential free agent; while he could be released by the Als, presently he is signed through the 2014 season.

Almost 2 months before potential free agents can become free; many of these potential free agents will re-sign with their current team or the NFL. In the past 2 days, 6 potential free agents have been signed by their team.


List of free agents;

[url=] ... gents-list[/url]

Lots there for Ottawa to choose from if this list stays accurate to February.

6 of about 150...

Well... :cowboy:

When the CFL made the list of 2014 potential free agents available, there were 112 players on that list,i.e. 58 Imports and 54 Non-Imports; my numbers exclude retired or suspended players, included on the original CFL list.

Presently, there are 105 potential free agents,i.e. 54 Imports and 51 Non_imports.

By february 15,2014 I doubt that there will be more than 60 free agents available.


Free agency is Feb 1st 2014

[url=] ... gents-list[/url]
The following players are eligible to become free agents at Noon et/9am pt on February 15.
Free agency is Feb 15th like always.

And to Richard, that's correct I'd be surprised if there are even 60 FA's come Feb 15th, maybe 50 and most of those will be guys that teams do not want back.
Talking like Boatman, Douglas, Simpson, Brandon Stewart, Kowalcuk. and other teams meh imports
Or the handful of back-ups who won't re-sign looking for a better opportunity even if the team wants them back(Nieswander, Willy, Collaros)

All that Said, Ottawa's year 1 goal isn't a championship season, making the playoffs is the goal, beating out the Als and the West crossover to at least squeeze into that #3 spot, a 7-8 win season. Glenn should be able to give them that from the QB spot, it'll be how the D comes together now more then anything as they have a lot of their O already in place(Backs + QB + OL)

It's probably a matter of saying the same thing in a different way, but it sounds to me like a championship is the goal. Desjardins has point blank said that they don't consider themselves an expansion team.

Now THAT said...They'd probably, behind closed doors, be realtively satisfied with the type of season you describe.

I can see Ottawa signing OT Scott Mitchell of Edmonton. He's an Ottawa native and could develop into a starter as he was highly rated coming out of Rice. Some guys just take longer to develop.
I could also see some of the Stampeder DB's and LB's heading to Ottawa because of Rick Campbell. Some players are always more comfortable with a Coach they know and like. Calgary has some good FA's at those positions.

Like Tyler Holmes. How's he doing over there? What's the general opinion on him, in your view?

Tyler stepped right into the Left Guard spot and was an upgrade over another 1st rounder Joe Eppele. Looks like a future all star. Eppele is still a good player, and reports are he played with a bum shoulder this year but Holmes is just a step above and has the perfect build for offensive lineman. IMO

Grey Cup probably not but having a Toronto type season from 2012 or a Hamilton like season from 2013 is a possiblity.
Doing enough to sort through the first 6 games. begin to gel and find there lineup in games 7-12 and be in the playoff mix during games 13-18.

REDBLACKS got a great base of players in the expansion draft but lets not overlook some players singed before the draft.
DBs ( HB/CB/SAM ) will be a spot that they will need to be very thourough when coming to new imports from NFL, NCAA, AFL, or even CFL free agancy.
Jerrel Givens from Boise St has them off to a pretty godd start. multi year starter at Boise ST. attended NFL rookie camps but unable to land a TC roster spot (5'8" hdight was an issue ) played in the spring for the Tampa Storm in the Arena league so having some pro expereince under his belt as well as Boise St players tending to be very familiar with the CFL should be a nice way to start off the singnings.
He would not be the first NFL undrsized player to make an impact in the CFL especially after a year in an NFL TC, NFL PR. or Arena Football league.

for the receiver spot looking at Canadian and Import receivers. Drafted Kholert, the only FA, also avaialble are Jade Etienne also WIN as well as Anthony Parker, as well as Matt Carter EDM. Etienne and Kholert may see s chance in Rgina being thin at Canadian Rec. Still all but Kholert top draft picks and all showed some positive imporvements.

Import receivners will also be importantant whetehr qn expereinced CFL FA, NFL FA, NFL PR, NCAA, or AFL.
They out there got tp find them.
Toronto, Hamilton, and SASK all had former NFL free agents play great in first season

Can see a Impot OT competition with about 5 imports exhausing thier NFL options for the 2014 season