Don't let Ottawa see this

Hopefully Ottawa won't see this.

If you want to see what Lefevour can do (or did do) look here.

Yes he's a winner! :rockin:

The good thing is other backup TBs around the league are getting quality playing time, so it's more likely "The Fever" would be over looked.

I don't see Desjardins eyeballing a Ticat QB when there are as bunch of good young Canadians on this team that can't be all protected. He can get two good Canadians from the Ticats. Same with Montreal.

I'm becoming convinced that if he's avaialble, the redblacks will take Callaros. This kid has all the physical tools, is tough and durable (has gotten up from some big hits), and can also win under pressure in a very hostile environment (last night in Saskatchewan). Plus, he's got everything you want in a QB from the standpoint of marketing the team: young (will be around a long time if his performance level stay where it is), catchy name, handsome, articulate and respectful...a real team guy.

I am actually beginning to think that Barker might protect Collaros in the expansion draft and expose Ray instead. Ray is a lot older, and beginning to get injury prone.

Not going to happen. My question is Collaros even under contract for next year ? Or is he a free agent this off season. This is his second year.

It's one thing to be great in College but quite another to be a Champion in Pro Football in either the CFL or NFL level. Dan certainly has the pre-qualifications but lacks the Pro experience that will only come with time, he is No different than Henry Burris, Ricky Ray or Anthony Calvillo all had to put in their time to become great in the Pro's and like any Sports Expert will tell you, you are not a true Pro until you win a Championship Game, Grey Cup or Super Bowl. All three of the QB's I mentioned above have won Grey Cups in the CFL and are proven Champions.

Ottawa I'm sure will be looking at Drew Willy of Sask or Bo Levi Mitchell from Calgary, I'm sure Calgary will protect Drew Tate or Kevin Glenn but you never know, with the way Bo has been playing lately maybe Drew Tate or Kevin Glenn might be made available?

I don't see Ottawa being interested in LeFevour. Mitchell from Calgary looks like the best bet of the back up QB's to be able to start and succeed in the league. But I think Calgary will protect him and expose Tate, who would be the best experienced QB available. As far as I know Glenn, Burris, Collaros, Willey and Cavillo are all FA's this coming February.

Ottawa will have a decision to make at draft time. Do they take Tate and then try and sign one of the FA's. I don't see Burris leaving Hamilton for an expansion team and Cavillo wouldn't move either (may have to retire anyway). So does Ottawa take Tate or take the chance they can pass and sign Glenn as a FA later. Glenn will be wanting starter money and Tate apparently already is making starter money. Can they afford both?

The black and blues will have a decent bunch of QBs to pick from. I think Tate will be available. Pierce too. That's a decent starter-backup tandem right there. I have a feeling Barker will make a deal with the black and blues to maybe leave a guy like Dontrelle Inman unprotected if they pass on Collaros. Shades of the Canadiens' GM Sam Pollock.

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He signed a two-year contract in 2012, so he would be a free agent in the upcoming off-season. Contract details weren't released by HAM, SSK, or CGY, but if LeFevour, Mitchell, Glenn, and Willy are also becoming free agents in 2014, does Otttawa take a pending free agent?

I think they should if it can land them a player like Giguerre or Plesius, Edem, Brouillette...

Thinking that you have to be around for years to play QB is old style thinking. There are lots of guys that were good in college that were never given the opportunity to perform. We are now seeing a NFL using rookies at QB and we are seeing they are perfectly capable of delivering. Cats have had guys with good reputations for years, yet they sat on the bench and became irrelevant to the game. You have to play in game time situations to maintain the edge.

They will protect Lefever
Leave Brain Brohm & Jeremiah Masoli Open for ottawa to take
Ticats don't have to protect Hank He is free agent
They can offer him a contact sign it and wait to hand in the CFL after the draft

Or he could test the market like he did when he signed with Calgary.