Don't kid yourself....

Despite the win against BC, Winnipeg still has alot of work to do and need both the stamps and riders to loose games to get back in the playoff hunt.

Also I saw Khari Jones in action on the weekend....

as the water boy.

he should be the chouch of the BBs, KJ I mean.

you are right, we be back in 2006!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAA!!!!!

hey There is stilla chance although wonl;'t happen. The Blue and Gold will play with priode from here on out. Thats all they this year and i know they won't stand idily by as the easy to beat chumps in the league

That's odd he sure has a different tune in the Stamps forum.

the bombers better shell out big cash over the offseason to keep our stars and bring in new ones. they need to be good at the beggining of the season not the final couple games