Hi guys have we gathered it up from last week. Have we decided to play as a TEAM this week. With the Winnipeg win boys. We have to have a WIN and big time. Please go in with a good attitude and think positive we have had some great games leading to WINS!!! SO GO CATS GO!!GOOD LUCK TICATS

Unfortunately that's what too many players have done over the years in Cowtown. Next to the "big three" -- Vancouver,Montreal and Toronto, Calgary is the city that has the most "distractions" for visitors. Today's game will tell us a lot about our team. They're in a tough place to win. Calgary is a better team. Calgary wants revenge for losing in the Hammer. A win gives them sole possession of first place. Labinjo is back. Calgary is likely the better bad weather team. (Hope the equipment guys packed everything they may need) And now, the Cats know they have the Bombers biting at their butts and coming their way for Thanksgiving.
How the boys perform today WILL SAY A LOT.

They could stink it out today and still get second place and host a playoff game. But, they'll be hosting a better team when they do.