Don't hate Rider fans!

A lot of people sure hate the Rider fans, complaining we are arrogant. Maybe we are, but talking about winning is all we got, since we never win the big one. You gotta let us have something!

I’ll admit, I read some of the posts by Rider fans and just shake my head with the lack of objectivity. But then again, I notice that Eskimos fans are biased, Stampeders fans are biased and Blue Bomber fans are biased. I think the reason is because they are all great fans and love their team.

“Don’t hate the Riders fans…”

Too late…

I don’t hate Riders fans but boy do they ever annoy the hell out of me. Been to many games at Taylor Field when Lions are there and I gotta say, they’re fun to party with.

its sad when rider fans come out to commonwealth and have them start swearing at our fans and giving the fingers infront of kids… and then having them sya all this crap about there team… and then when they egged the crap out of McCallums house after he missed that feidgoal last year… how can you even ask for us to not hate them . and to boot all they do is come into out forums and creat eskimos sucks forums

I dont hate riders fan but you have to admit that it can get a bit old when SOME riders fans will always answer any question with the riders are the best. They have the best fans the best stadium the best chearleaders the best grass and the softest toilet paper. One even claimed that they are the best fans because they have the most posts in the team section. :roll:

I know it is not all of them, but some do gvie the others a bad name.

But we do have the BEST TOILET PAPER- HONEST WE DO!!!

Riders Rule
Esks drool!!

actually Turkey we don’t have the best toilet paper, Edmonton has that honour. They need it to wipe their eyes, when we beat them all over the field this year.

Plus we are such superior human beings we don’t even need to wipe.

TOUCHE! billysoup!!

You think Rider fans are bad? I went to a NY Jets football game when the BIlls and Doug Flutie played back in 1998. A buddy and I were going to cheer on Flutie since he was a former CFL guy. We cheered for the Bills until we saw a Bills fan a few rows down and about 10 seats over getting pummeled by 3 NY Jets fans and no one did anything about it. Now those are nasty fans.

So who did you chear for???

I quietly cheered for the Bills and hoped no one noticed.

smart move :roll:

I don’t hate the Rider fans…


That’s fair, I have no problems with that. I used to hate the Bombers when Ritchie was there but now that he’s gone I have eased up on them.

The only good Rider fan is the one under the tire of my truck!

…so I’m talking to a rider fan the other day and he says the first play of the Calgary-Sask Preseason game (Burris to Copeland to Lewis TD) was ‘cheap’ and ‘underhanded’…puzzled, I asked him what if Barrett had pulled the same play and the fan knew he was cornered…I don’t think many (save saskargo) really ‘hate’ the rider fans, me included, but they are sometimes a self-righteous arrogant bunch doncha think?..

It definitely wasn’t cheap, it’s football and it was within the rules. I personally think Higgins was wrong do it (not because they scored a td against the riders, it was a really nice play) but because it was in preseason. It would have been a great play to use in the regular season when it really counted.

…exceot, Red and White, your streets are flooded and the Rider fans are the only ones smart enough to swim under your tires to get to the other side. Stamp fans would sit in their trucks waiting for a tractor-truck pull until kingdom come!!!
Riders Rule
Stamps drool!

I agree with everything you said, except “sometimes” … I’d replace it with “always” :?

I used to like the Riders, just because they were so pathetic, always the underdog, always a free win … I guess you could say I felt sorry for them. Now they have a couple of mediocre (which is good in saskabush) years in a row and the rider fans just WON’T SHUT UP. I used to consider the Riders my favourite non-Calgary Western team … now, because of the pure annoyance that is their fans at McMahon, the Riders are my second-most-hated team in the West.

You guys are not gonna win the Grey Cup this year … (not without some sort of fluke or bribery, anyway) … Nealon Greene is not one of the best quarterbacks in the west, let along the league (I’d say Ray, Maas, Dickenson, Printers, and Burris are all better than him) … you guys are not the best thing since sliced bread … the Riders are not in a “class” that’s ahead of the Stamps and eskiblows … the Riders are not going to win the West … the Riders could easily finish as low as 4th in the West.

Oh, and Higgins’ play was not “dirty” or “cheap” … He probably did it in the pre-season BECAUSE it didn’t mean anything! He was just letting Burris, Lewis and Copeland have some fun. They were being interviewed after the game, and said how they’d practiced it a couple of times and decided to try it out. That’s not cocky … geez. Note to all (obnoxious … ie, 95%) Rider fans: The world is not out to get you! (But if you keep being annoying, it may very well change its mind!)

…turk, I cannot make sense of your comment…are you using CC&7 in yer cornflakes again?..