Don't hang your heads Ticat fans...

I was at the game tonight and I just wanted to congratulate your team on a valiant effort. I was really impressed with your D tonight, and I thought Maas and Lumsden had good games (especially Lumsden). You guys look good and probably deserved a better result tonight. The Hamilton Tigercats put up a great fight and are professionals in this league. I see better things coming in the near future for this team.

Keep your chins up.

The biggest thing for the Ticats was they really limited the turnovers. The Lions defense seems to cause a lot of turnovers and the Ticats really kept those to a minimum.

I agree, no interceptions until the very end and no fumbles. They played a smart game and almost knocked us off. They definetly had me biting my nails for most of the game.

Unbelievable sportsmanship. We need more people like you on this forum; rather than trashing the Ticats, you nobly recognize their effort. Good on ya.

You guys are funny :wink:

"Oh, Dust...!"

What the hell happened to my Saskatchewan profile picture? Did you guys block it?

Who is that beside Dave Ritchie? Im going to assume it’s a Dlineman and it’s not Hunt or Johnson? Wake or Williams?

You changed it, never mind.

It was Amariah Farrow, back-up offensive lineman from Clanton, Alabama. He's an inspiration to us all.

If you'd like to learn more about Amariah, here is a brilliant article: ... 5&writer=0

Credit to the Ticats for giving the defending Grey Cup Champs a run for their money. With a few breaks, the Ticats would have won. Lions O looked good on the first drive but went to $hit after that.

Ticats deserved a better result than that but what's done is done. Ticats looked like a much better team than the first couple of games and hopefully they can build on it. Good Luck Cats. Hopefully this will wake the Lions up. Starting to remind me of 2005.

Good comparison Lionbacker. While we are 4-0, I’m not doing any cartwheels. Our offense seems to be lacking. You can argue that Dickenson has been hurt, but we’ve really only been good enough and done enough to win. Coaches will say its the two points that matter, but, something is still missing.

Sport, to answer your question. Missing is Geroy, Paris and Tony

Yeah, I saw Simon open a few times last night, but the QB's seem to be missing him. Is that by design? While Claremont had a great game, I would have liked to see the passing spread around.

As Ticats Fan
thank you but you got the 2 Points.
That's all that Matters..
The Refs and our coach Cost us this game.
This hurts worst then other losses..
Our Defence Beat your guys up.
But a loss is a loss.

I am at Practice everyday.
watching the guys we have been working so hard.

Will next two weeks
we got the Bombers..
Back to back

High five anyone, anyone?? Cum on don't leave me hangin'. High five, anyone?