dont give up on chang...

ok chang ... is currently starting on a bad foot..he is just getting used to the offence... he will settle down by his 5th predicting because its the same game number when he actually took control of hawaii's will see it previous posts...don't mess with a kids head by pulling him off early...he will settle...and believe me he coach taffe...your scout team needs to throw everything defensive fronts that the CFL has to offer...that way hes know what to expect...because right now he is just scrambling throughout the game

When he throws three interception in quick succession, he gets pulled regardless of what it does to his "head". I still think that he will be a great QB, but not at the moment, and only time will really tell.

Nice to see you sticking around, island boy.

One of the things CFL fans are getting used to is fans from the college of every green QB that comes up here posting on websites that their guy is better than all the QBs already in the league, and guaranteeing that if their guy starts he will tear the league wide open. It almost never happens and, when their guy gets a chance and fails, we never hear from them again.

Hopefully Chang gets a chance to show people what he can do but, with Printers as the starter, he's not going to see the field much from here on in (barring injury).

Don't worry Timmy, Kenneth Hutchinson still has faith.

i have for hope but can someone be specific about what tools you see in timmy's potential.

I know he broke NCAA records,but who did Hawaii play..did they play anyone in the top 25?..or did they play Hawaii State..Hawaii tech..and Hawaii A&M?? :lol:

Timmy just needs more time. No QB is going to step in for his first start and throw for 500 yds and 5 TDs. People are too quick to judge. Give the guy a little slack, it was only his second start and it was against one of the best defences in the league. Most QBs have trouble with Toronto's D, nevermind a rookie.

Timmy should be No.3 for the rest of the!
at this point Williams is far more confident and better than Chang

I'm afraid Timmy has so much to learn that this team cannot afford the time. Williams needs to be #2. I don't think it will take too long to bring him around. Then we find someone else for #3..someone who doesn't need to re-learn everything about reading defences.

OK this is my armchair scouting of Chang so far:

The good: He understands the game, knows where to go with the ball, doesn't care about stats -i'd rather have a q.b who forces the ball deep on second down then one that checks off in order to keep his rating up, a deep interception on second down is just as good as a punt- and he moves well in the pocket to buy extra time, when he has time he is accurate and gets rid of the ball quickly.

The bad: When pressured he'll move backwards and throws off his backfoot, feels the need to do to much -which is a rookie thing, he feels the game is on the line with every pass which is adding to the pressure- he doesn't check down to the underneath stuff, doesn't look off receivers.

The ugly: Pretty much any play in which he doesn't recognize the blitz before the snap.

I'm ok with "not giving up on Chang" as long as he is shifted to #3 on the depth chart (behind the obviously more knowledgable and talented Williams), and he takes on the "learning the Canadian game" role that Williams took on the past two years. Chang has ability, he just needs time to be taught how to succeed by closely observing QB's who are better at the CFL game than he is right now.

It's good to see your confidence in Chang, but in case you missed it, the TiCats signed a new QB on Thursday. Chang won't get to play his fifth game for a long time now.

Chang needs to time to learn the canadian game, very different from what he's used to. 3rd string, get him as much action as possible, but definitely do not cut.
Those calling for his head are extreme reactionists in my view.