Don't Give Up Just Yet

Seriously. Things will turn around. There are still eight games remaining in the 2006 season, and you are only 4 points behind Toronto. You play us twice in September, one of which is a game where you turn into animals on the field. Anything can happen. The team will turn things around.

Do not give up on your team. I have been an Arizona Cardinals fan for over a decade now, and I've definitely seen my fair share of putrid football. But you know what? I stuck with them, and to this day, despite bleeding blue and white on the football field, I also bleed red and white as well. IMO, you live with the team and you die with the team. Do not give up, because you wouldn't expect the players and the organization to do that either. You wouldn't be posting on message boards, talking with other fans of your favorite team without the passion and dedication I know is in each and every one of you.

I've heard of many people deciding to give up their tickets for next season, or to stop watching. You do that and you'll a) never get those seats back again and b) pretty much be a fair-weathered, band-wagoneering individual.

Stick with the Cats guys and gals......things will get better.


Thank you for this post, TOFAN

I have a quote here from Dr. Robert Schuller

“What appears to be the end of the road
may simply be a bend in the road.”

I see OT Jonta Woodard and Khalil Hill just around the bend
and a few late NFL cuts arriving just down the road

and a little further down the road I see
the best new coaching staff bob’s money will buy.


We saw what a difference Adam Rita’s
simple but creative Offence did for your team.

I'm just trying to show that not all Argo fans act like they're made out to be:)

I'm enjoying the offense, but it's still early.

Will Woddard and Hill come back you think?

Cool sentiments TOFAN.

I guess Argo fans, like Cats fans, need a 'foil.' You know, like Batman needs Joker. Without one, the other doesn't exits.

As a die-hard TiCat fan, of course I always want them to beat the Argos. But somewhere burried deep in my psychi, I want a strong Argo team. Because only when you compete against the best can you be the best.

Then again, maybe I've over-thought this..

Hell, I am getting a kick watching how horrible the Cats are doing this year, yet again. You should give it, it is OVER! Only 2 teams in the East will most make the playoffs, and the Ti-Cats have too many teams to pass to make it!

"Do not give up, because you wouldn't expect the players and the organization to do that either."

Unfortunately, after watching last nights appears that alot of the players have already given up. So as a fan, we have to ask ourselves, why should we continue to believe when some of those players don't.

I don't see a few additions turning things around. This team needs a complete make to bottom. Players have lost respect for themselves as well as their coaching. Total disarray!

That's only because you haven't gone deep into your psychi.

The team gave up last night, why can’t I?

<--- Corey Holmes

<--- D J Flick

<---_________ (fill in the blank)

<---_________ (fill in the blank)

<---_________ (fill in the blank)

<---_________ (fill in the blank)

I just adore that smilie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why hasn't there been any players' meetings? Like the ones that the Leafs had last year, and various other NHL teams have had. Nobody is on the same book as any other Ti-Cat, let alone similar pages.

I am not giving up. I will be at the Rogers Centre next November when the Cats are the East Division Champions!

Can it get any worse? ARGO fans on our site telling us to hang in there... thank god real football is right around the corner!

You think tha Argos will be in too? I think it will more like be Winnipeg.

yeah... take cannon street and it's right around the corner on balsam.

wait until we are 2 and 15, then give up.

To clarify: I meant the Cats in the Grey Cup game at Rogers Centre. Doesnt matter who they beat at Ivor Wynne in the East Final. (Though you may be right - the Argos will be too old next year)

good post dude, and man its tough but i sat threw the whole game on the weekend!