Don't give up Cat Fans

:P I just wanted to tell everyone don't give up. The cats will put it together and they'll surprise alot of people.Besides there's alot of football left to play,right? This is a good bunch of guys, they need your support.I'm from the Cleveland area look how long we've been waitng,not counting the years we lost our team.The last time the Browns won anything I was 6 years old.1964.So in closing don't give up, people th Ti-Cats will be alright.

Thanks pfcruz.

At one time Browns' games were the only ones on TV up here
so we were all fans and followed the Browns in those days.

I sure loved watching Jimmy Brown chewing up yards. I964!

42 years?

We should be thankful of the fact
that we win a Grey Cup every decade.

Nobody will ever hear me booing them.

Grumble?....yes. Boo?....never!

I am also an oldtime Ticat and Browns fan. Unfortunately I am also an oldtime Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan. At 65 there is some question if they will ever win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime. Soooo between the Leafs and Browns and Ticats, it is more likely that Ticats will win a Grey Cup before the Browns or Leafs will win a championship. :smiley:


I agree you never give up on your team it is just frustrating to watch them play well below their potential.

Now THAT I can totally agree with

Well said ptcruz!

Welcome to the site.

Do you follow the Ti-Cats?

If so, for how long have you been with us?

I didn't give up through the 90's. So why would I give up now?

I survived 1-17 -- no one can ever tell me I give up on this team! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,