Don't get too far ahead of yourselves

I'm only saying this as a precaution......but.......

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats haven't won the Grey Cup. The Toronto Argonauts haven't finished the year with the league's worst record. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats haven't made the playoffs.

My point is (respectfully) that the season is nowhere close to being finished yet. The feeling I get here on the boards is that the Cats are poised to greatness, the Argos are poised for the basement, and everything is falling into place perfectly for a Tiger-Cats dynasty. It's nice to enjoy the success you're having now, because you have played some great ball lately, but remember that A) Rome wasn't built in a day and B) Grey Cups are won in November, not August.

That said, when it's all said and done, I do see the Argos finishing with a 5-13 record (dead last in the CFL) and the Tiger-Cats finishing with a 11-7 record and a home playoff game. However, anything can happen.......just remember that.

okey dokey :lol:

I dont expect a Grey Cup, just a playoff appearance. BUT a Grey Cup would be nice within 5 years.

Yes, there are twelve games to go, but as it stands now, the Cats can beat anybody.


Appreciate the reminder....but I really don't think fans on this forum have been getting too far ahead of themselves.
For the most part, we are pleasantly surprised that some wins occurred this early in the season. We are aware of our shortcomings but for the first time in many years we have reason to believe this team can make the playoffs this season.
If that defines "poised for greatness" then I'd say we are. This is a young team that can only get better so I'd say our optimism is well founded. :slight_smile:

As soon as I saw that a Toronto fan wrote it, I sorta dismissed it.

We aren't getting ahead of ourselves and if you read our posts you can see that we are cautiously optomistic.

I think this is a case of the green eyed monster. (jealousy)

I don't think taking the day after the Grey Cup off for the parade is getting ahead of myself. Sheeh, next you'll be saying that making up the Grey Cup Champions hats was a little too optimistic. :lol:

Those of us who know football, realize that standings can change at any time, but it's nice to actually have a hope of a playoff game at this point in the season and it's EXTRA nice to see the blue team struggle. Especially since some of your fellow blue team fans, had picked the Argos to finish at the top of the league based on FA signings and the trade that brought Zeke your way. I'm enjoying this one day at a time.

Argos Suck.

Not quite.

Sigh, really? WOW! Now that's subjectiveness at its finest.

I’m sorry if my post seems troll-like, as it wasn’t my intention…

So, pretty much anything I say, or any Argo fan says, is dismissed because of our preferences? Nice.

Your thread reeks of thumbing your nose at us.

We have been bad for 5 years and the Argos have been a half descent team for the past 6 or 7 years.

If there are any fans who won't get too far ahead of ourselves, it's us.

Just because your team sucks this year, doesn't give you any right to come on our boards and say anything to us like this. As soon as we go on a losing streak you'll be on here saying "I TOLD YOU SO!"

We don't need this on our board. Stop trolling. This is pure jealousy.

This subject coming from an Argo fans just angers me. I dismiss it because of the team that you root for. I am not dismissing all Argo fans, I am dismissing your comments on this particular subject because it just ain't right for you to do this for us. Now please, stop trolling and go back to your own damn board.

Well, personally I wouldn't dismiss what you say, but you have to admit, it might be hard for a lot of Tiger-Cat fans to take what you say seriously with you being an ____ fan and all. And the fact that you are issuing a warning to Ticat fans on the forums, I would think you would be met with a little backlash and resistance. I am sure that's not what you meant by it, but come on man.

I think the minority of Tiger-Cat fans that choose to voice their opinions on this website recognize the fact that the Tiger-Cats aren't world beaters, the class of the CFL or even the best team in the Eastern Division, but we finally have a team that is competitive and the team has made some of their own luck over the past weeks and won a few close games.

Is this winning streak and good luck going to last forever? Of course not. But as the TSN watching nation and the select few in attendance at Ivor Wynne found out on Saturday, you can't rain on our parade!

Save your breath and go back to helping Cody Pickett find out who his receivers are.

  • paul

Ummm yep. I know several who were as happy as a clam saying that the O-line was your only problem last year and that with the Murphy and Picard signing you were all set. The Ticats were going to stink again, of course.

Wow, I thought I had established myself as one of the fans from the "other side" who didn't troll, who offered kind words and who actually discussed football. I was the one who wrote to CHML for the 5th quarter and offered my words of respectful solace saying not to give up because the grass as greener. I was the one who constantly told fans here that to give up is silly, because once you've made the way into greatness, the journey there made it all worthwhile. I've never trolled, I've never trash-talked, and I've always been respectful.

I guess I was wrong


I don't think you said anything wrong. Obvious, perhaps, but not disrespectful or troll-like.

I personally prefer to read opinions from other teams' fans (assuming they are reasonable and not just childish), rather than the far more common attacks on other posters that populate this board.

Remember folks, if you disagree with something, it's far more persuasive to address the argument than to attack the individual who made it. That also includes reporters/columnists, and ex-jocks who sit on televised football panels.

Umm.... where's the 'troll behaviour'. Other than your unusual response to BG's lighthearted riposte I don't see any negative behaviours in your original post.

Thank you.

I was merely posting my thoughts based on the vibes I was getting having read some posts. And if I were jealous and trying to bring down your spirits, I doubt I would have posted viewtopic.php?f=5&t=42349 a couple of days ago.

Thank you TOFAn, but what i dont get ?"why you are so worried about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. ? Could it be that the Tiger-Cats are the Team for southern Ontario and North Western NewYork? And the Arg,s and Bills both S...k! LMAO Oskee wee wee