Dont get mad - Have fun with it

Instead of getting upset about the losses and lack of scoring, have fun with it. Like make up a pool for such things as when they will score their first TD, etc. No team stays on the bottom for ever. Just go with it. It happens. There are some good individuals on the ticats and I see reason for hope, just not next game, maybe even not so much this season, but there is something to build on. A whole new set of coaches, management shift, loss of seasoned veterans, etc. Not gonna come together overnight. No need to get all stressed out about it. Nor is there any need to write the team off.

I already have stated numerous times tonight:

I will get to 1000 posts BEFORE the Cats score a TD... that was whan I was at 897


When does Maas get benched
When does Shaw get cut
When does the centre get replaced
When does the price of beer go down

Haha...already done buddy, was one step ahead of your post...see ticat firsts :wink:

I dont get mad, I just laugh it off, because it really is funny, doesnt MAAS make 6 figures ? maybe i should get into football.

I got an idea....maybe we should ask bob if we could have an exhibition game, Hamilton locals VS the ticat team. Only stipulation is that setta has 2 have some sort of handicap. Onknight, since you are by far the most frequent blogger on this website, i nominate you for QB...the leader of the blog should be leader of our Hamilton Local

Isn’t the team he plays with his handicap???

Oh, we certainly have gained experience with dealing with losses in recent years. And the idea of starting a pool for when certain things will happen with this team has been done at least once last year, as you can see if you click here.

This definitely is a rebuilding team, but I was expecting a performance from the team that was better than what we saw. Would more than 164 yards of net offence be too much to ask for?

lol...good point

And since it would be an exhibition game, the Ticats might actually have a chance of winning it. :slight_smile:

Four and oh! the last two years.

Mike u make a good point...they could be rather good in exhibition since their seems 2 be less pressure. Perhaps it should be a real game???

Cats vs the Joe's. Who's up for it? (Or is it "down with that" these days?)