Don't get down on Richie

After a couple of bad plays last game when Richie failed to protect the ball, I couldn't help but recall how Calvillo played just before we ran him out of Hamilton. The guy was playing so tight, he was dropping and fumbling the ball constantly. He got a chance to settle down in Montreal and finally became one of the premire QB's in the cfl for the last decade. Richie is still very young and with time and patience, he is going to be a impact QB for this team in the future. :cowboy:

I really hope so!

Cause if you guys keep running players off you wont have anything.

I hope you're right but geez...somebody better teach the poor guy how to throw the football. Now his only chance is to run around until somebody gets wide open, cause he isn't able to throw into tight coverage like the top QBs in the league.

I agree that his legs are great and that he has that certain talent to make things happen, but you can't win in this league JUST by running.

Are you talking about his side arm? Sometimes it helps him throw wide when hes got a defender in his face.

maybe if this team spent them money on a QB coach, he would learn these things, this team spends 500K on a one-year wonder, that money could have been spent on a QB coach, a legit left tackle, and a reliable centre. This team needs more common sense in management, spend money on your o-line and everything else will fall into place, stop looking for nfl rejects like darnarian mccants and shaun king.

Maybe but he throws that way even when there isn't anybody near him. Costs him accuracy and distance.

I agree with you.His side arm especially effects his accuracy when he needs to thread a needle down feild.

What's the point to all that? The post is about Richie. Yet, someone finds a way to blame Richie's struggles on Printers.

Richie played great last week, but one less than stellar game and he's in the dog house. He really has played well in his back up role. In fact, he played the best game of any Ticat qb in the last 2 years, last week.

The team did sign a qb coach. Have you heard of Danny McManus?

McCants and King were non factors in the team's fortunes and didn't eat up big salary. King didn't even make it through training camp.

I see a lot of frustration in that post, and rightly so, but I think you're not quite sure where to aim it.

All they had to do was draft the Olinesmen, instead they drafted a safety “dosen’t fit their ratio plans” and a “future” receiver. Tsoumpass has been the BEST player to come out of the draft (this year).

His side arm also had 6 balls tipped...

td69: Maybe you were not around last year when Casey was signed. We were in bad shape with the QB situation..and in many other situations too. It was a smart move at the time but who knew what would have happened since then. New GM..and a 2-6 record this year. Hindsight is great. Looking back maybe we should have developed Ritchie more and added some better O-line players but it was a different regime at work under Marcel D. We all thought Casey would have led us out of the wilderness but as we have learned, it takes more than a hot QB.
I hope we can keep Ritchie. He has lots of promise for the future.

First off, Printers and/or Williams are not our major problems. Any QB getting the pressure these guys are getting play in and play out would implode.

Casey Printers is a good QB, I don't care what anybody here says. Ritchie Williams is a decent QB, and will be a good QB with time.

We can't fix all of Hamilton's management mistakes in one season, 5-10 years of blunders aren't going to be fixed by blowing things up everywhere and running out every bit of talent we have. Actually that's how we got in this f'n mess to begin with.


Unlike last year, QBing is not a problem.

Get both lines playing adequately, and watch out!


Unlike last year, QBing is not a problem.

Get both lines playing adequately, and watch out!

That`s true, Captain.

For the first time in years, we have very good quarterbacks.

I have to agree with this post - absolutely. Like I said in a previous post - if u r going to pay a Q/B $500Gs a year, you BETTER have a line that can protect him.
But I think we miscalculated about our Offensive line - thinking they can cover.
But clearly, they can't.
So, folks - if we end up last, we get 1st overall choice (unless we gave that away already), and maybe we will get ourselves some decent OL.
Keep the faith.. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Well, Flutie had a pretty sidearm delivery too. Didn't seem to hurt his ability to thread the needle.

If he's made it this far, he can throw.

Whether he's good enough to be a standout starter is another question. Regardless of delivery, very few make it that far.

For what he's on this team to do, I think he's done admirably.

How could you possibly get down on a cool customer like Willams !!!!

His sidearm also saved possible sacks. That is the problem, where there is one positive with something there is negative. Let's just hope the positive outweighs the negative.

While I would be the last to compliment an Ar..., Talents like Flutie come along once every 50 years.

I think that William's biggest asset is his quick feet and ability to make yards out of nothing. Its sometning that I have seen in Flutie, Moon, Ham, Damon and a couple more.

The reason why I don't think that Richie can cut it as a starter is that he simply cant throw the ball deep. Sooner or later, the DBs are going to catch on to this and jump routes.

Personally, I hope he proves me wrong, cause he seems to be a nice guy and a team player.

Richie's unforced fumble on 3rd and short was brutal. But he's young and will learn.

With him in there, we had a chance to drive the field with five minutes left and win against Winnipeg. (Until "our strength," the O-Line, let Gavin Walls get up in Richie's face).