Don't Get Crazy Just Yet...

It was a great move signing Casey Printers!

That being said, it was also a great move signing Timmy Chang. Hopefully someone will wake up and realize that the QB's are not the issue, It's the OFFENSIVE LINE!!! We just paid Printers a lot of money, Maas in earning a hefty sum too, I am not too postive of Maas' salary but in my calculation that is $700,000 a year we could be spending on an O-Line. Desjardins needs to wake up and spend the money where it needs to be spent!

Maas will be gone next year. We can use that money in the off-season to address the O-line. I've also heard rumours that Hudson should be back soon. That will big a big help.

This is very true about anointing Casey our savior. Yes I am excited about his signing as well as the prospect of Geroy Simon possibly wanting to change his Postal Code.

BUT DONT FORGET we celebrated like this when we traded for Maas, when we signed Vaughn last year AND with the coming of BOTH Chang, Charlie and to a lesser extent Marcel.

So before getting our hopes up, lets see what Casey can put on the field. We should have all learned by now that the past has no bearing on what the present and future will hold, especially at QB.

One more thing, we need to account for is that we are playing good football teams who have been good almost all year.

There is still some work to be done with the oline, its true. But this signing is certainly a step in the right direction.

Don't start dusting the floats off yet. Holy Banana peels batman !!!
ONe guy is not going to get us into the Grey Cup this year. If Maas couldn't do it, or Chang what makes you all think Printers is the "chosen one"
He will have the same line, the same recievers etc. Once person does not make a team. There is no "I" in team.

ps. please let me eat my words.

There is in French! :smiley: No, you're right, he has to work with the same offence that was less than stellar over the first half of the season. It IS a positive step, though.

True, but there is no "je" in "equipe".

Granted, but there IS a J&E in Jouer. :wink: :smiley:

The O line may have a bit more swagger with a leader like Printers…hard to say, but let’s hope. I also heard George Hudson on Y108 on Monday saying he may be back this week. That would be a bonus.

and that's why they're only second best... heh heh eh gargy?

Ticat management has had the "Reverse Midas Touch" when it comes to running a ball club.

So far, they've had an uncanny ability to turn gold into ****.

I'm from Missouri. Show me.


I like your thinking Desjar_done


I for one am CRAZY about the signing. Why not!!!!
This is something to cheer for Ticat fans. Weve been waiting a long time for something good to happen to this organization. And Im going to soak this in right now!!!
I dont think we should worry about stupid curses and some of the quarterbacks that went a rye here!!! The truth is, Hamilton ( aside from McMannus) hasnt had many, good qb`s in the last 30 years. I believe that Printers is the most talented qb Hamilton has ever signed.

So as Hamilton fans we should celebrate this and not worry about negatives.
People have been knocking this organization for a while. But isn`t Hamilton one of the winningest teams in CFL history. Were second in Grey Cup wins with 15.
I think were doing just fine!!! :thup: :smiley:

Well.. lets not forget the running game.. its a shame Lumsden is hurt at the moment, but when he's healthy.. or when he was.. he was not getting enough carries. The top runners in the league.. had double the touches.. and were only ahead by 20-30 yards..?? hmm lol

Printers will allow Jesse to run.. why we got a new fullback for Mass.. that was a waste.. and when talkin about receivers Ralph, Armstead, Bauman (typo) for starters what more could you want.. Chang just brought too much heat in his frantic style.. Don't get me wrong Chang is great, he just needs more playing time on this field... tho.. I doubt that will happen now

Printers will allow Jesse to run.. why we got a new fullback for Mass.. that was a waste..
Because Lumsden's injury is worse than the spin doctor is tellin' ya!!!!!! Look past all the hype!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to rain on the negative nelly parade, but I'm completely crazy about Casey Printers coming to the Tiger Cats. I can't wait for Grey Cup 2008 tickets to go on sale.


100% agreed Ockham... Finally something to be happy about!!!

And for the record, i never "celebrated" when Maas came to Hamilton, as was suggested by somone, comparing the signing of him to Printers.... I loathed that we lost what we did for him...

Maas is and will always be a back up... hope he rots in Montreal.

Good riddance....

IT was never a question of renewing tickets, cuz I bleed black and gold, but damn its exciting!!!!

I`m with you Ockham,

All ticat fans should be estatic about this signing!!!
Things are going to turn around in Ti-Cat land!!!

Go CATS Go!!