don't get Blink madd

....GREAT performance by Sir Charles....if Leo Lewis is the most prolific back this club has ever seen.....we are watching the guy who could catch him in performance ....what a game Roberts....this guy can kill you if you get him riled up////and he gave it to the Als. after a cheap shot by Diamond Ferry hurt on a leg twister by Cox....but kept on keepin' on......Bombers can thank their lucky stars that they have this guy in the backfield....what heart...and what talent....GO Blink...... on a side note... WHYYYYY does this team always remind me of a prize race horse coming out of the gate at a trot.....realizes he;s in a race ...and turns it on to clip the rest of the field at the wire....C'mon guys ....with the talent this team has....i think its about time we put some of these teams away a little bit sooner....go BigBlue

i don;t care how we win as long as we win right now. and a fantastic game by blink, ran amoke all game and just stepped it up in the second half. good job blue

Edwards did a hell of a job also, same goes for special teams....a game to build on...Go Bombers

We won the season series,that is'HUGE" Good game Blue!!!!

I am always amazed at how a guy Roberts size can get it done year after year. He is definately one of the best players in the league.

Once Roberts got going in the 4th, the whole offense came along with him. We really gotta do something about these slow starts though.

You guys had a slow start, after the first TD BC had a slow Three Quarters!

Think of it as positive. You have a young QB in Glenn. Maybe they don't want him to rush and force things.

...yeah i dunno sport....Charlie is definitely made of some tough's definitely not always size that my ol daddy used to's not the size of the dog in the's the size of the fight in the dog ...i guess the lions found out that big backs go down as well....tough break for Joe Smith....hope he's o.k. ...what;s the latest word on him sport?????? :roll:

Haven't heard yet. On the radio, they said it was mostly precautionary, in the back area. We are still waiting to see if Buck Pierce's ribs are bruised or broken.

Anyways, I'm hijacking your Thread.........No intent!

I wonder if all the attention given to Stegal created more room for Roberts last night? He caught a few passes out of the back field last night.

I really think, it was the game plan, and they were setting the Als up for it in the first half. They were very conservative in that first half, ran Roberts off right tackle about 5 times in a row and got nothing, but in the 4th they started to play action off it and really had the Als defence guessing, moving the ball at will. Or it just took the coaches that long to figure it out :wink:

I think that Roberts is the best back in the cfl wihout out a doubt. He can find the holes with his great vision, and hes so small quick and strong that it takes mroe than 1 guy to take him down. I am so glad that winnipeg has this guy hes a gamebreaker and a great player.