Don't forget we traded Joseph

When speaking of all the "Ex-Cats" on the roster of Sask. lets not forget we traded the 1st pick in the dispersal draft (Kerry Joseph) to Sask.

He is making much less money than Printers, and would have been a pretty good QB for us.
A league MVP trophy this year sure does not hurt his resume!!!

I am sure you made that suggestion 2 yrs back as well. Printers does have an MVP trophy you know.

It was never a question if Joseph was going to be a good QB in this league. That is why he was #1 in the dispersal draft.

So to answer your question...yes

The Ticats have made dozens of stupid personel moves in the past four years.

Going after Maas and not drafting Joseph were just two of them.

Also, didn't we miss an opportunity to draft Fantuz, who is probably the best Canadian receiver since Clermont?

Honestly, let's finally hire a GM who has a brain.

Hindsight is 20/20. Most people liked getting Maas at the time we did.

Exactly. Amen to that!

I'm as frustrated as the next guy about our situation, but can we get over it and stop whining already. Yes Joseph is a good athlete and had a fantastic year, but he has been somewhat inconsistent during his career. I'm so tired of hearing about our bad moves. Yes there were many, but what is done is done. Let's focus on the future.

Yup, no use pining about the past. There`s some work to do here, but it can be done. Witness the lot of the Rider organization, for example; a precedent has been set.

Joseph was succesful in SSK because, along with his own abilities, he was surrounded by talent, a good defense and good coaching.

One day it will happen here and I'll take CP over KJ when it does.

I was talking with my dad the other who had run into some rider's fans while in Missouri.

These fans firmly belived that we have the best QB in the CFl and the also belive that we will be where they are within 2 years.

That is unbiased outside opinions that show things aren't as bleak as some on here think.

Did you watch the game? Joseph was terrible. If Kevin Glenn had started it would have been a Bomber victory.

I'm with you there, Ockham. Joseph laid an egg, and had Glenn been playing I do believe the Bombers would have prevailed.

it wasnt all on KJ.

KJ had an injured RB who could only pick up 4 yards at that aspect of thier attack was nulified. flick had a potential 1st down drop, fantuz failed to locate a long pass right infront of him. palmer had a potential 1st down drop. all of which killed drives...not to mention cates fumbling the ball 10 yards from a TD.

the bombers had sask receivers covered well most of the game, but joseph refused to quit and consistantly ran for 1st downs to keep the drives alive.

most qb's, u take away the pass and they are useless...KJ has twice as many options.

much like Printers.

We said the same thing. Apart from running the ball, Joseph wasn't great at all. The SSK team that showed up yesterday would never have beaten Glenn.

Although I do agree that Joseph's receivers did let him down too.

Who cares at this point he wouldve been just as unsuccessful here as maas. the lack of talent and poor coaching wouldve made it difficult for even dan marino to be a decent qb. Also Joesph is older then CP and will likely command the same type salary now that he has an mvp and ring. Ill take the younger CP at this point to build the team around

Joseph had a terrible game??? :roll:

Gimme a break...the guy singlehandedly ran for how many first downs??? AND without "his make something from nothing"...well YES..the Bombers would have won!

Don't forget too that the Riders GAVE the Bombers 6 points!

The Riders just did enough to win...they were not spectacular, but Really, Joseph made things happen when it could have been devastating!

A healthy Glenn, no doubt would have made a diference, but Dinwiddie did throw some nice passes and both teams receivers had the "dropsies". What might have happened if Dinwiddie had just accepted the first down on his last posession scramble???(rather than throw that last INT)

With one minute left and a full set of downs at mid-field???? We will never know, but it could have been an upset. One more pass like that one to Armstrong for the TD and the Bombers would have been celebrating! :wink:

also don't forget at the time he was probably one of the worst starters in the league

only cuz he played on ottawa.

put anyone with ottawa, they were going nowhere.

look how many former-gades are playing great for other teams.

josephs only weopons were armstead, murphy, ranek and himself.