***Don't Forget:TSN playoff COUNTDOWN on NOW***

just a reminder to all:

CFL Playoff Countdown
Sunday, November 13th
10am et/7am pt


thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your welcome

7am pt
They're trying very hard to NOT get anyone to watch on the west coast that's for sure. ... maybe it's a last minute addition to the programming schedule due to the high rating this year.

I still say it sucks that TSN supports the CFL ans does a great job all during the regular season then has to sit it out for the playoffs while her princess CBC strolls in and takes the spotlight.

Thanks for reminding me drumming_god, i forgot! Hopefully I'll be able to get up before eight to watch it.

Wasn't there some kind of deal between the CBC and TSN a few years back where TSN would cover most of the regular season games and CBC would get exclusive rights to the playoffs?

Maybe someone knows the answer.

its on right now

they have another CFL playoff countdown, next saturday at 7pm eastern time

....I agree ....cfl.fan...TSN.....should be front and center in the playoffs...the moguls of these networks should be working out a better arrangement for broadcasts...

Well that was interesting. Sound of the games part was hilarious. Looks like most of them are picking Montreal and Calgary to win. But, Leif, what a loser. Puts on that Old School Rider helmet and taps it like a mental case. I dislike him.