Don't fire REHIRE!

Ok, when the RIDERS loose a game, fingers get pointed.

The RIDERS are always a winning team on the field.
You know know that. It's like a soap opera or some kinda drama series when the RIDERS aren't on the field.
Who's to blame for a loss.?!?!?!?!?


The RIDERS are the most unique team in the CFL, with the most unique and original tactics.
You can't buy a ticket for a rider game on ticketmaster...., you can't even buy a ticket from someone in Regina that won one off a radio station.
Win or loss...
RIDER PRIDE IS STILL ALIVE and ALWAYS WILL BE and firing Danny isn't the solution.

No better team deserves the Grey Cup.

Let's not make an 'AS PER USUAL' solution to the loss.... (and REBUILD and NEXT year don't work either)......staff meeting......public meeting....whatever you call it. DO IT TILLMAN DO IT!!! NO FIRE DANNY or anyone....

JBS, other than the poor grammar, I agree with most of what you are saying. I can't agree with the not "firing" anyone though. We desparately require a kicker. Congi is a nice kid but he doesn't even have the punting average of most Canadian college or junior teams. He did hit a high percentage of FG's during the season but I don't like his limited range. His longest was near 50. Most other teams hit some from longer.
Tillman has said there are announcments coming. I wonder what they will be.

umm here's the thing .. Roy Shivers has his hands in this team, whether you like it or not.

he's like the puppet master and Barrett and the coaches are his puppets. Even if he's no longer the GM, he still has communication with them all.

Barrett and the coaches need to go, or we'll just keep sliding!!

....IF Danny B. is fired in Regina ...i'll predict right now ...they will have to do a total re-build....because as a lot of fans have noticed on the side-lines....this guy is like a father to the Rider players....The heart will disappear from this team...and i dare say...A LOT....of key players will go with him...Mr. Tilman better take his time and make a BIG TIME decision....on the future of Barrett...or it could come back and bite him in the a$$..... :wink:

My bet is that Barrett is gone or he quits. Justmaybe Barratto might find a home if not in Hamilton it might be in Regina. He will not go for an assistant job in Eskimo land when there are HC jobs out there.

...never thought of the Barratto move red.....could least he's probably a guy who would get a certain amount of respect in Riderville....but something tells me Tilman has other ideas....what they are...only Eric knows right now... :roll: